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Feb 01, 2024

Trying to eat less meat and more fruit. Is it possible on the road?

I am trying to cut down on my consumption of meat and increase my intake of raw fruits and vegetables. How hard is it to find these items. Being gone

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Feb 01, 2024

Waiting on a load - How long can they hold us?

My wife and I took a load from Michigan to Washington DC. After arriving on time. We found out our load was cancelled. We sit in a no parking zone for

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Jan 28, 2024

Getting Back into Trucking After Years Off

Getting back into trucking after years away

I've been out of the trucking industry after 10+years of otr. It's been 3 years, and I have no recent experience. I'm looking to get back to otr, how can

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Jan 24, 2024

Why did that trucker get fired that day?

Hi! I'm Betsy, a little old lady with a question that puzzles me still today. I worked at a park whose entrance had a plastic, LED-lit archway. Our park

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Jan 15, 2024

15 Reason Trucking is A Good Career and 10 Reasons it Isn't

Trucking is a great career in 2024 for the right person

15 Reasons that trucking makes a great career choice and 5 reasons it does not

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Jan 08, 2024

Bouncing load, tandem position

Rookie driver here. Been driving for a year and had something happen yesterday I've not experienced before. Picked up a load, approx 35,000 lbs, sensor

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Jan 07, 2024

What To Look For When Buying a Used Semi

When Buying a Used Semi

What to look for when buying a used semi

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Jan 07, 2024

Freightliner Columbia Repair Tips

Freightliner Columbia Repair Tips

Freightliner repair tips from some of the best old school mechanics left in the trucking industry game. Series 60 Detroit engine in Freightliner Columbia.

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Jan 06, 2024

Motivation to Keep Going

Never Give Up on Your Dreams

Motivation to keep going after your goals and dreams. Also pick up and use good habits in place of ones that might not serve you well.

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Jan 06, 2024

Owner Operators Jobs

Becoming an Owner Operator

Becoming an owner operator tips, advice and insights that will make you successful or promptly warn you from buying a semi. Buying, leasing and authority talk too.

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Jan 06, 2024

Company sponsored insurance and plates

What’s the cons as a owner op leasing on with a company that has plates and insurance program?

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Dec 31, 2023

Should I Date a Trucker

Pro's and Con's of Dating a Trucker

We discuss if you should date a trucker and if a trucker should date you. Trucking dating is challenging for both. Consider these thoughts

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Dec 31, 2023

A Good Diet Plan

Good diet for truckers

A good diet for truckers is very important. And not as hard to achieve as you might think. Here are some hacks and what I ate to lose 50lbs.

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Dec 30, 2023


How i set up and use the load board

Loadboards are used often to find a load. When you get a load from a load board, check them out because the sharks are swimming. Here are a few tips.

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Dec 30, 2023

Ask A Trucker

Ask Me and Other Truckers Your Most Pressing Questions

ask a trucker question you have alway wondered

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Dec 28, 2023


Trucking can make your anti-social!

Stay engaged with other people and interact daily. This will help keep you from developing anti social behavior patterns.

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Dec 28, 2023

Trucking Questions

Common questions about trucking life and jobs

Trucking questions and answers related to the job and life on the road as a trucker.

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Dec 27, 2023

Choosing Loads

Choosing a Load is an art

Learn how to choose your loads wisely to help you avoid cheap freight. There's a lot to consider and this will be your cheat sheet. Especially if you're a new owner operator.

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Dec 26, 2023

Fired during OTR Training

Fired in CDL Training

I was fired during my training period because I received a traffic warning citation. I had a lead driver with me and he didn't tell me I had to report

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Dec 26, 2023

can a person ask for a ride from a trucker?

Hitching at the truckstop

If i go to a truck stop and ask for a ride is it illegal?

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Dec 26, 2023

Sharing The Road With Truckers

How to Share the Road With Truckers

Driving with trucks on the road doesn't have to be scary. Here is what we need you to know

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Dec 25, 2023

Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter Trucking Hacks

Winter driving safety tips to help you make it through the snow and ice with the hopes of avoiding skids and sliding off into the ditch. Get mentally prepared for winter driving read these safety tips

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Dec 24, 2023

How To Fight Loneliness

Tips and Advice to Fight Loneliness

Learning how to fight loneliness is not hard to do. Many trucker don't even have this problem. Here are some thoughts, tips and ideas to avoid and overcome loneliness over the road.

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Dec 24, 2023

Achieving Better Health As A Trucker

Hacks and Tips for Better Health

Being a healthy truckers is controlled by choices. I'll share how i loss weight, lowered blood and cholesterol and stay fit.

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Dec 24, 2023

Truck Driving Jobs

Some things you should know!

Truck driving job duties, time out OTR, pay, responsibilities and more about trucking driving jobs.

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Dec 24, 2023

The Best CDL Training

CDL Training Options and Advice

The best CDL training prepares you for a successful career. Here are some things to consider to make best decision on how to get your CDL training

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Dec 21, 2023

How much insurance on a 26,000 gvrw cost in Colorado

Trucking Insurance Cost Depends on multiple factors

How much will I pay for semi truck insurance? I'm moving to Colorado and I'm a small o/o trucking business how much insurance on a 26,000 gvrw will it

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Dec 21, 2023

Big truck in HOV lane - Is it legal?

Truck going down the highway

Can you legally drive a semi in the HOV lane in any of the states?

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Dec 21, 2023

Local Philly and NJ area driving jobs - home daily

The #1 Solution

OK guys, so I am a recruiter for East Coast Drivers Solutions. Lately I have not gotten much feed back from drivers looking for positions in the Philadelphia

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Dec 21, 2023

usdot # on rentals class A trucks?

I was told by a Indiana state trooper and an odor officer that if my company has a rental for more that 30 days my company's name and dot number is supposed

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