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Cattle haulers are a special breed. I don't want to drive teams, don't want a dog in the truck with me and most certainly don't want to haul live animals,lol. But that is just me. A lot of drivers love it. Maybe you will too! Not a boring job.

Hauling cattle is what bull haulers do. They actually don't just haul bulls but that's the what most drivers call them. These boys who are hauling livestock don't waste much time. If you are a driver who likes to goof off at truck stops, bull hauling is not for you.

It takes a special breed as with many specialize trucking jobs. Many of these drivers who haul cattle watched their fathers, uncles or close friends of the family haul cattle or they came up on a farm with cattle. They don't mind the work and added pressure of live animals. They are paid well and they earn it. But they are passionate about the job. If you are going to do it just for the money, you probably won't last.

When I started driving it seemed like a lot of bull haulers were pressured to drive illegally. The objective is to get these animals alive to their destination as soon as possible.

I don't know if they still have that extra pressure going on but obviously there is extra challenge when hauling live animals across the country.

They also have to check on them constantly and take certain precautions. I wish I could elaborate on their jobs more but I hadn't really converse with a bull hauler on the specifics enough times for it to stick in my head. I just remember that they do have to stop.

I invite any bull hauler to fill us in below.

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