Land Livestock Transfer Brady, Nebraska

by Casey Land
(Bow , NE)

Well my dad has been a bull hauler since he got out of high school. its not like coast to coast hauling freight. you don't get to to hang out at truck stops or pull over and take a nap.

As a bull hauler you just keep on trucking even if you haven't slept in a week. A bull hauler is responsible for the life of the load. if one dies it comes out of your pocket.

My dad told that he really has never spent very much time in the sleeper of his peterbilt because he is always on the road. Bull haulers cross a lot more terrain than what freight haulers do.

One day you might be hauling from a feedlot and the next day you might be loading on a ranch 20 miles back in the mountains.

Many times have I been with my dad when we had to cross pastures to get where we were gonna load. i remember growing up and my dad was never home, he would usually be gone for 2 to 3 months at a time running all over the country.

The only time he came home was if he had a load that brought him close to home or if he needed to do a major repair on his truck. i remember one time my dad and i were putting straight pipes on his truck and he got a call and had to leave and he drove around for 3 months with one straight pipe and one muffler on the truck.

My dad has tried hauling corn, distillers, and pulling a dry van but it never paid as good as bull hauling

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Jan 12, 2012
Re: to hervy
by: Anonymous

Well hervy there is no insurance to get for the cattle that step on the trailer. As soon as the animal steps in its ur responsibility. If it dies its ur money that covers the cost.

Dec 05, 2011
Bull hauling in Nebraska
by: Hervy

Thanks for that wonderful story Casey. I knew those boys stayed out there on the road heavy.

Bull hauling sounds like a high stress job with many companies, if they expect you to run like that. Is there any type of insurance you can get that would cover the cattle that die?

With all the new regulations and crackdowns, I wonder if life as a bull hauler is less intense. It would seem that since the record matters more to drivers and the company that they would devise a more practical way to get the job done. this still current bull hauler average trucking life or is trucking life as a bull hauler more laid back now?

Thanks again Casey,very interesting stuff!

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