Trucker Families Require Patience and Understanding

by Shannon

It takes a special family to have a trucker in it. It hard for Dad to leave each week and hard for Mom and the kids to see him go. I've been married to a truck driver for 15 years. He's hauled freight, tanks, and now a bull hauler.

It takes patience, knowing that Dad wants to see ball game just as much as his daughter misses him being there.

It takes effort, making sure there is pictures and videos of everything Dad has missed. It takes understanding, knowing you have to take care of everything at home because he is depending on you as much as you are him.

It takes trust, in God to keep him safe each and every day and to bring him home as often as possible. It is not an easy life. The roads are long, quiet and lonely. The laws are getting worse and the money less.

The job is dangerous and we pray each day we don't get that call.

If you meet a trucker, say thank you, because what you wear, what you drive and what you eat was brought by a truck driver.

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