long haul cattle puller 1ooo miles minimum wide open 3rds a week

1000milesplus eva day .south flo rid a 2 d cty knsas, or my fa.varite amarilllllo by mornin blowin smokin skales til i 4 get thay there. stop 1tme n sali vegas 4 fuel at bullhaulerz only break cheak. eds baby. to polish my boots n use tha bak of the ole clipboard . n wash my glass wth log sheets. all i use 4. then clear the run way flight 456 is ready 4 lift off turn linear wideopn warn evry bdy , that u bout to com of the clutch.it evn scares me.go n 2 put wind n ther hair . out of tha way says these 5 bell train horns. cause im graBBN GEARZ, LOOK THA FUK OUT I DN USE BRAKES, JUS MEDIANS N DITCES,IM COMIN ROUND EM ALL TILL IM THA ONLY 1 LEFT. PASS EM ALL 1 MORE TIME BLOWIN SMOKE N THA Y FACE N LISTN N 2 THEM TALK ,IDNT TALK I WALK SO HARD. DNT LISTEN 2 MUSIC LISTEN 2 THAT KITY N WATCH HER TEMP CAUSE BURN N THIS MUCH FUEL MAKES HEAT GROSSN 100000 PLUS ALWAYS.LOOK4 NUF ROAD TO GET THIS LAST GEAR OUT OF THESE 2 STIKS TILL I GET SCARED OUN CAUSE MY WINDOW STARTS PUSHN IN ON THA DASH WITH BOTH STIKS N THA DASH. THE STORY OF MY LIFE IS CANT U PULL JUST 1 MORE ROUND TIL U TURN 2 A ZOMBIE N U R THA WALKN DEAD DNT NO WHO U R NYMORE OR NEVA NO WHER U AT. JUS BUMP THAT CHUTE LIKE NASCAR PITSTOP . TURN N DO AGAIN TURN BRN N TURN TIL DEADN. BUT DNT HURT U PASSENGERS MAI


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Mar 02, 2016
talk that talk - never walked that walk
by: Anonymous

bullshit !!! cant run like that no mo ! read about 3 sentences and could tell you never did ! been there done that ! can't bullshit an old bullshitter !

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