Essential Oil Use

I was listening to the talk radio in Austin TX today and the lady was on there talking about essential oil use for for health benefits. I had heard conversations before on similar programs about using essential oils so I was glad to run across information about using the oils again.

It's always good when you can use natural products to address health issues. These oils are used to cope with anxiety, sleep disorder,stress, high blood and arthritis and that's just a few benefits.

These are all issues that commonly affect truckers. Consider some of these alternative remedies for health issues after consulting your Dr.

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What Are Essential Oils

Essential oils are oils that come from flowers, bark, fruit peels, leaves roots or seeds which can be used for various purposes including cooking aromatherapy and other medicinal applications such as massage. They are said to be effective to treat many symptoms since ancient times. The lady on the show this morning even said they actually have healed medical problems under her personal treatments.

Oil of Sage

How to Make Essential Oils

Essential oils are cheaper to make than they are to buy for someone who will take on a new practice of heavy use. Depending on which essential oil you want, the process for production from the plant material is different.

Essential oils are either distilled, expressed, or produced with help of a solvent.

Some flowers are very fragile and have very little oil to extract by expression so it is made by using a solvent.

Citric Peels and such are produced mainly by cold press or expression which is pressing the juice out. These are cheaper but may also contain traces of pesticides if coming from by product of citrus grows for other uses.

Most essential oils are produced by distillation.

You can actually distill your own at home if you are adventurous and have time to spar. You will need.

  • A heat source for boiling water
  • A holding tank
  • A condenser
  • A separator
  • A glass tubing
  • A plants your will extract the oil from
  • stainless steel or dark glass containers

Ok so you ready to get busy making your own essential oils?

Guide for making essential oils

How to use essential oils

You can use essential oils in many ways. aromatherapy, or on the skin is the most common. You can inhale the vapors by dropping the oil on a napkin and sniffing or putting it in a distiller. You can also burn candles to heat the solution and spread the aroma.

You want to make sure and read about these oils before experimenting with them. Most that you will get will be concentrated and may cause serious effects if not diluted or whether ingested or used topically.

Here is a usages guide for essential oils.

How To Use Essential Oils for
Health and Healing

Popular Essential Oils

As alternative medicine becomes more mainstream you will hear a larger number of the more than 500 types of essential oils that are produced more frequently. Some common and beneficial oils are...

  1. Rosemary for arthritis, lowering risk of stroke, Alzheimer
  2. Lavendar for dealing with stress, anxiety, inflammation promote sleep, acne
  3. ylang ylang for reducing blood pressure, PMS symptoms, effects of anxiety, acne

Other essential oils that are on the rise are...

  • oil of black pepper
  • oil of tuneric
  • oil of oregeno
  • oil of ginger

Most or all of these products may help you if you have any of the many health issues that would otherwise call for medication.

Essential Oils
Healthy Trucker Tips

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Possible Relief

Lavender Oils and Therapy

Lavender oil

is one of the most popular oils because it serves so many uses. It is said to help with depression, sleep difficulties, pain from tension headaches, anxiety, and can even be used as an antiseptic. It has many more uses

Rosemary, Garlic and Olive Oil

Essential oils can also be blended to combine the power of several different plant materials. This Rosemary, Garlic and Olive Oil blend should deal with a long list of ailments if all of the claims are true.

Oil of Jasmine is said to relieve stress, decrease anxiety, stop infections, relieve coughing, sooth PMS symptoms, alleviate muscle pains, and probably most known for being an aphrodisiac. It is used my many perfumes.