Personal Development

Personal development in trucking is important because there is good, bad and ugly to deal with in the trucking lifestyle?  All of us could benefit dramatically from simply monitoring our thinking and intentionally learning new strategies to help us do life better.

Suppose you were mindful enough to reflect on your habits and thoughts to see if there were opportunities for improvement.

Supposed you were proactive in learning how to make a better choices in certain situations by actually thinking through your response prior to entering those situations.

Suppose you were able to avoid a lot of drama and pitfalls in trucking life, trucking jobs, OTR relationships, driver health, parenting, etc. 

This page is attempting to help you to make that shift in thinking.

You Are Not a Victim

Remember That Mistake You Made?

Discipline Vs Regret

Take Control Of Your Mind

Be Aware of What You Focus On

Winning at Life

It might not be popular to say this, but it is easy to win at life when you really think about it and look at the big picture.  Listen, people are so slack that they too lazy to use turn signals.  Professional drivers, police officers, road construction people....

These are people who are on the highway every day.  Now that is an example of how many areas in so many jobs where people are slacking and if you come in just doing what you are supposed to do well you will get traction.

If you shine, go the extra mile, use some creativity and are driven forget about it.  You can't be stopped.  Check this video out.

We Assign Meaning to Things

It's interesting.  We assign meanings that we don't like to things and then complain about the meaning.  Often either its all in our head or it's in the head of someone else and we don't have to accept it!

But too often we do.  Why!?!

Make sure we are not wasting time protesting things that will not make a difference.  Flags, statues and anthems has never and will never hold me back I suggest you adopt the same attitude.

Not necessarily about the same thing but about anything that is supposed to be oppressing you or making you a victim.  You don't ever have to be a victim regardless of what someone else puts you through.

But that's not the real issue.  Make sure you are not holding yourself back more than others.

Dream Big & Move Fast

What more do I need to say.  In order to dream you need a goal.  In order to move fast you need a road map.  Let's get it popping!

3 Things That Hold People Back

3 Common things that hold people back and how to break free of them.

What Does Your Driving Style Say About Who Your Are

What Swift Driver Taught Me

Overcoming Setbacks and Limiting Beliefs

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