Question about lot lizards on the road

My husband is a new OTR driver for about 6 months and I have heard of lot lizards, well this other male driver that he met over the road is a friend of mine because my husband put him in my friend list.

Well my husband was stressed out and didn’t talk about it with me so I reached out to this guy to find out what is bugging him and I come to find out this guy told me he being a smart ass told my husband when he gets to his destination he needs to get laid to calm down and this guy knows my husband is married.

This guy is telling me that there are no lot lizards out there because of trafficking, so I asked him 2 questions....

If he would like some guy telling your fiancée for you to get laid and if there are no lot lizards or other hookers, then who was he to get to get laid?

I have seen posts on here that I remember some lady driver saying that she has seen all male drivers sleep with somebody!

Now that upsets me because my husband gets to come home every 2-3 months and he is irritable and it makes me wonder if he is getting laid because he sure as hell won’t tell me!

I trust my husband but I sure didn’t appreciate hearing it from him but supposedly my husband shot back and told him no I can’t do that to my wife and kids!

And my friends are saying that is what truckers do! Someone please give me some encouragement, thank you!

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Jan 26, 2020
Do All Truckers Cheat
by: Hervy

I think you're saying your husband's friend is the one saying that your husband needs to get laid when he gets to his destination.

You're friend is an idiot. Unfortunately, there's a lot of guys with a dumb sense of humor. You wouldn't believe some of the things they say trying to be cute to women at the truckstop. Not even sexual just corney or extra dumb. (Not thinking of the impact or awkwardness it causes)

He was right however, that there are hardly any lot lizards at truck stops anymore. So relax. I haven't seen one since 2010 to be honest. (To be fair, I don't go to some of places that they were once known to be at though.... I digress...

Seems your husband responded to the idiot with good sense. (His family is too important)

As far as your friends telling you all truckers cheat, that is a common misconception. Some do and most don't.

Of course, just like a few police makes the entire department look bad or a few people from another other group of people can taint the image of the rest of the group, so it goes with our trucking industry.

You have to be smart enough to evaluate your personal relationship with your husband which your friends are not privy to in order to judge what is most likely to expect from him.

Lots of new or burnt out truckers can let the stress get to them and for lack of mindfulness express behavior not beneficial for a thriving relationship.

This video gives you some insight on what I believe goes on and how to navigate it.

Unfortunately, it's your husband who should be watching it. Maybe you can share it with him.

That said, many women find that the relationship get's better after time, however, that would require effective nurturing of the relationship.

Not just letting things go on as they are.

The other videos and the download mentioned below could help with that.

Stresses in trucking

This page might interest you as well.
Improving long distance relationships There is a free download for a exercise that I ask couples to do to help them talk about issues that could improve the bond.

Also this page is good to share with your husband. Or better yet, just share the video on the page with him. Maybe he will listen to the 2 videos.
Important videos for the new truckers to watch

This one might help him as well.
Impact of trucking on the family

And by the way, after his year of driving, there is no reason to work for a company that keeps him out that amount of time.

Actually unless otherwise the company is Awesome, after 6 months, he could ask for a different situation or start looking if that period away is destroying the family.

Best of luck, please comment your thoughts about the download or the page for improving long distance relationships. Interested in feedback especially after doing the exercise.

Best wishes,
This one can help with about coping with stress
Coping with stress

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