Conflict Resolution in Trucking

You're going to need conflict resolution skills as a trucker.  It may be dealing with your trucking company, shippers/receivers, fellow drivers or even your spouse at home.

Therefore it is important to think in advance about how you will deal and interact with others during disagreements.

It will much more productive and efficient if you think about this now instead of waiting until you are in the heat of the moment of an argument or disagreement. 

Watch this video.

There are many times that you might even discover that what you and the other person are arguing about is not even worth the time.  That doesn't mean the other person has also reach that perspective.

It could be that you easing your position to end the stand off that you are able to get your way on something that is more important to you down the road.

The point is this

  • Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill
  • Choose your battles
  • Don't major in minor things

So really think about the big picture of the situation.  Whether it's family or business look at the big picture and decide what makes sense to resolve the issue using critical thinking and also role reversal where you look at things from the other person's perspective.

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