Weighing Your Wagon

Truck scales at the truck stops are the primary place to weigh your wagon.  Most of the large truck stops have Cat Scales.  There are other scales available also.  It will cost anywhere from $7 to $15 to get weighted.

You pull on the scale first.  Hit the button and wait for the scale master to respond.  She will ask for your information and you will give your truck number, trailer number and company name.

She will tell you to move off of the scale.

Find a parking space.  Go inside and get your scale ticket.  Hopefully are legal.

Empty Weight

Sometimes a broker or your company will tell you to get an empty weight before you make your pick up.  It means you will also have to get a loaded weight after getting your load.'

Where you get loaded might have a scale and they may not.

Be Careful

Especially if you are a new driver, you may not be able to get an idea for what a certain weight load feels like.  Don't take the shipper's word or the paperwork's stated weight as the final word.

If they have a scale ask can you weigh the load.  Make sure you are legal for your permit.  If you don't have a permit, you should be under 80,000 total and under what you are supposed to be hauling on your axles.

For most drivers, 12,000 lbs on steers and 34,000lbs on tractor and trailer tandems.  Don't adjust your weight on their scales.  If they have loaded you over gross, ask them to take weight off.

If you are not over gross but are over axles slide your tandems to get legal.

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