Tips for a Trucker's Wife

After responding similar posts on the website about trucker wives fears and worries I decided to put this page together to cover popular issues and link out to other challenges trucker girlfriend and trucker wives face. Many of the same issues bother you ladies and I want to see if I can help you better deal with the fears that you have.

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On this page, I will shorten the info as best that I can and see if I can make it a little easier to read without getting bored to death. Some times there will be a link to where I have written more on another page.

Be Proactive

  • A shakey relationship will not be fixed trucking
  • Ride with him if you can
  • Study relationship materials (books, courses, etc)
  • Be careful about letting friends influence your opinion
  • Be careful about taking thing personal
  • Communicate well about how you feel without nagging
  • Communite about issues when you are happy with each other

It will help you and the relationship for you to take a few trips out on the road if you can with your significant other. Most companies will allow a rider.

There are just some things that are hard to understand unless you have been out on the road. Plus the driver may not even think to explain some things because to him it is natural and makes sense, but to you it's ridiculous.

That in and of it's self is a problem that can grow and grow because it creates all types of doubt.

The more shaky your relationship is before the trucking lifestyle change, the more important it is to nurture your relationship constantly. Don't be hesitant about reading, listening to relationship materials, or seeing a relationship coach/counselor together when there are issues that you can't solve.

To be proactive, tell him before he ever goes out that you want to read or study relationship materials together.

If he's already trucking talk about doing this when he comes home.  Better just send him some amazing facts, tips, etc from the material so that he is intrigued with what you are reading and then introduce the thought to him when he comes home. (Which way is best depends on the type of dude you are dealing with)

Before we get started, here is a reality check for trucker wives

Trucker Wives Common Issues

Some truckers wives worry about distance developing in the relationship....

What ways can you keep this from happening?

Answer - In a discussion with him, establish minimum communications agreements together based on what makes each of you comfortable, secure, confident or just feel good about the relationship. Keep in touch often. (Be intentional about it, don't expect it to happen.)

Trucker's wives are concerned about poor health or weight gain developing....

what ways can you help prevent poor health or weight gain from happening?

Answer - Have a discussion about the common health problems that truckers develop. Diabetes, obesity, joint pain, sleep apnea, etc. Talk of how you want him around for a long time and healthy as possible. Encourage healthier habits from the beginning, including getting exercise. Do what you can to play a part in that like maybe prepare healthy snacks and food to take on the road and exercise also.

Wives of truckers worry about the extended periods of time between coming home as a can you overcome this?

Answer - You can't directly, especially while he is a new driver. However, encourage him to run legal as possible and keep his record clean so if the company does not send him home within a reasonable amount of time, after a year of experience he can go to a better company that will.

A trucker's wife most common concern I think is that extra marital affairs may occur...."Will he be swept off of his feet by a lot lizard?", they asks. How can a woman have an opposite influence on the man? In other words what can you do on your part to not make him want another woman?

Answer - Don't take his interest in you or attraction to you for granted. Let him see you looking good most of the times when he comes home. Smell good, smile, be sweet for a honey moon period of time upon his arrival before the serious discussions about problems that need to be dealt with.

Also, don't look the same or do the same routine every time he comes home. Switch it up a little. Change your hairstyles, the type of clothing, the perfume. Even if he says you don't have too, which many good men will do to keep you from going out of your way, DO IT!

Make him feel like he is your hero. Trust me, he will treat you like a queen. (ummh, if you got a good man)

By the way, I AM NOT not saying never complain or to be a doormat. I am saying don't be the opposite. Always nagging, complaining, etc

Many a trucker's wife are disappointed to learn there is less money to be made than originally thought as a new driver........ How can you two increase the available household income?

Answer - Do a budget. Make plans together about how to cut expenses at home and on the road. Both must commit and name the reasons why you are doing this.

Also make career plans. Specialized hauling pays more. Talk about graduating from dry van after getting experience into something like heavy hauling to tap into a higher salary bracket.

You could also work on making extra money on the road and at home to supplement income.

If you worry about becoming lonely or experiencing depression... How can you help to avoid it best as possible?

Answer - Join groups, take classes, even get trained in something that can assist in making more money in trucking like take a freight brokering training course or learn about pilot car driving so you can go with him if you guys decide on pursuing heavy haul.

A Truckers Wife Tips

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Relationship Advice

Relationships are tricky enough in today's society. When you add trucking to the mix, relationships can slide in the ditch very easily. Please consider what you read seriously.

Something else that could be useful if you plan get in a relationship or date a trucker would be to read the complaints and praises from truckers wives about their truckers. If you are smart their feedback on their relationships can guide you as to what makes a relationship work and what tears it apart.

Life as a Trucker's Wife