The Weigh Station

Don't panic about entering the weigh station.  Just follow the directions.  You do have to pay close attention as you approach because unfortunately different states has different methods to let you know if you need to enter or bypass.  Speed entering and going through varies from station to station as well. 

Pay attention and do the speed limit across the motion sensor plates and inside the weigh station so that it reads properly

Preparing For the Weigh Station

As you saw in the video, the best way to not be stressed when entering the weigh station is to do your pre-trips in the morning and make sure your log book is in order. 

Also make sure your registration on truck and trailer and annual inspections are up to date.   Which you should be made aware of due to inspection.

  • Do your pre-trips
  • Keep your log book current
  • Check your paperwork
  • Keep your truck relatively clean
  • Keep your own appearance presentable

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DOT Asks For My Logbook

There is nothing that you can do to guarantee that you won't be pulled into the weigh station.  This time, I was stopped and asked for my log book.  Funny video.  He clowned my elog.

In the Weigh Station

  • Cross scales at posted speed
  • Follow directions
  • Operate safely
  • Keep following distance

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People seem to get very nervous when entering the weigh stations. There is no need for this. When the speed is posted, follow it if you can. Keep …

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