Coops Are Open - Don't Panic - It's Not That Serious

by Hervy

Its Just Not That Serious - Relax

Its Just Not That Serious - Relax

People seem to get very nervous when entering the weigh stations. There is no need for this.

When the speed is posted, follow it if you can. Keep the distance which is usually 100 feet. Sometimes 200 feet.

If you feel yourself getting nervous just tell yourself that these are human beings just doing a job of trying to keep you and the highway safe.

I think many new drivers get caught up in all of the negative chatter about truckers being targeted and officers being biased or even corrupted. While there are always a few bad apples, in any occupation, you really don't have reason to worry about law enforcement if you just obey signs at the weigh station and pay attention to their hand signals or lights.

Law enforcement are not really out to get you like a lot of people like to promote. It's just not that serious.

Oh... Someone asked me what happen if you're over weight. If it's over gross, likely you will get a ticket.

If it's over on the axle depending on where you are and the officer, if you can slide the tandems and get legal they might not give you a fine or ticket. If you can't they likely will give you a ticket.

Some states won't even bother you if you're only a few lbs over on the axle. It's always best to get legal if you can before crossing the weigh station. No need of costing yourself extra wasted time sliding axles at the weigh station.

Someone else asked how much weight does each hole on the trailer shift. Answer, from 200 - 500. Depends on the trailer. I always use the number 350. Slide 2 holes, you shift approx 700 lbs.

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