not sure what i'm most affraid of about becoming a trucker's wife

by Brinttnee Joy

well I'll start by saying I'm fixing to become a trucker's wife. My teddy and i have a very complicated relationship as it is. Now on the 30th he's goin to school for Pam and he's gonna be gone for a long while.

I feel like I'm being selfish and shouldn't but when can i? he has broken his back twice so there isn't going to be another opportunity like this for him to start a career again, so i really want to support him.

But, being the daughter of a trucker's wife i know this is a challenging option for our relationship.

I miss him and he hasn't even packed for the road yet!!!!!i always had plans to become a mother, a college graduate,other things ,anything, but a trucker's wife.

i saw all the hurt my mom endured being separated from her man, and that terrifies me. but yet as i know I'm now gonna travel the same road.

I don't know if its becoming more like her or being alone, raising the kids alone or just not being strong enough for my responsibilities is what I'm most afraid of.

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Apr 15, 2012
still a newbie also NEW
by: Cynthia Harris

I am glad to hear that I am not the only one scared to become a truckers wife. I know I already am but its been tough. He went from being home every single night to hardly home (that was the last job though. but it was starting to drive us apart). about a month ago I got my first ticket and come home to him bawling. He was supposed to leave for North Dakota the next morning for a 3 week stay (a few hours literally with a 3 am yard time). We got into it and he called to tell them he wasnt going to go. He was gone ALL the time and it wasnt a gradual change so the weight all suddenly shifted to me. Now he is a week into orientation at a new job. I know he loves to drive but I never thought I would be a truckers wife either. I was prepared for a preachers wife lol. not all of this. I dont want it to hurt us the long run. And i hope you learned a better way of doing things for you two. I have no idea where to begin. other than patient and faithful.

Jan 23, 2012
Being the ROCK NEW
by: Sharon

My thoughts to you are these. Having a complicated relationshipAKA marriage myself wether your guy is a truck driver or flips burgers make sure you allow your self at least some small time out each day to regroup your strnght. If you have a family you are now being put into the role of single mom. Since you have had a past insight into the toll it takes on the woman of the house you are a step ahead of those of us who were blind-sided. It takes fortitude and alot of tears to be seperated and still function-but you can do it. Plansomething special for each time he is home no matter how simple. Leave a card or picture in the truck for him to read when he goes back out.Let him vent but don't let him dwell on the rough stuff.Being the rock will be your greatest accomplishment. God Bless

Jan 21, 2012
On being afraid as a trucker's wife NEW
by: Hervy

Brinttnee, be not afraid.

Think about it this way, because you have seen exactly what it is like to be a trucker's wife, you can use that past experience as tool for your relationship.

Everything that you saw had contributing factors that led to those results.

What can you and perhaps Teddy do to have different results. How can you be proactive to keep the bad things from happening as much as possible and cause more of the good things that you saw as much as possible.

For instance (remember I don't know all of the details of the good and bad that you saw)

......I have made a page for my response since I think it will be useful for many women to read it. Thanks for the push! See it here...
tips for a truckers wife

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