It’s a hard life - I put my feelings aside

by Tomeka Henry
(Florida )

I’m a laid back lady, I love my husband loves his his job and I hate it no time home no love and affection daily.

We bond on phone call and text. but I want more compassion, time and the affection.

But I support him put my feelings to the side

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Jul 08, 2020
I feel you NEW
by: Anonymous

I feel your pain I'm going through the same thing right now

Apr 15, 2019
Support is good but don't hide your feelings
by: Hervy

Just because you support him doesn't mean you can't let him know you miss him at home.

More importantly, talk about the plans for the future. Make sure there is a budget and financial plans so that trucking doesn't have to be a only option for the rest of the relationship.

Unless of course that is desired by you as a couple.

Trucking doesn't have to be a lifelong commitment.
Also, you didn't mention kids. If there are none you might be able to ride with him unless you are working.

Here are some thoughts to remember.

Take a look at this page also for ideas.

Tips for improving long distance relationships

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