I Don't Trust My Over The Road Husband, Could He Be Cheating?

a response to Cody

Hello Cody,

Sorry you are so stressed about your husband being a trucker. I know it is hard for you. You said something very important that you must remember though.

He has been faithful to me for 6 years.

That was very positive. You also said this . . .

I am jealous that he sees the country and I am home with the kids. You even admitted to knowing the negative impact that this has on a marriage. And that is true jealousy will destroy

However, Cody at least you see where changes needs to be made.

There are several things you should do.

Always remember that your husband has been faithful. You know what kind of man he is better than anyone else, if he has earne your trust then trust him.

Even if you have to write out a note and place it on the refrigerator as to why he deserves your trust (same positive reinforcement a personal mission statement provides) do it so that you read it constantly though the day.

2. Get rid of or shut up all the people telling you what they think your husband is doing on the road. Do they know your husband better than you? Of course not.(if this is happening)

3. You need to either listen to some motivational speaking, try zig ziglar or steven covey. This just assists you to be positive and help you stay on course in addressing your jealousy.

4. You might want to see if there is a local continuing ed class around you for addressing jealous behavior (especially if your not going to do number 1, 2, and 3. Jealousy and resentment will without a doubt destroy your communication and relationship. So you need to address it, there is no work around to keep your jealousy.

5. this actually should have be number 1. Understand that your husband is not at 6 flags out here. Sure most of us love trucking but it's not what most people would consider fun.

here are some of the things that your husband may be dealing with, the ugly in trucking. Depending on what type of person he is this may or may not be stressful for him adding dealing with a jealous wife on top of this as you probably can tell will not be good.

Ok so . . .

Anyway, I was wondering, do you guys talk on the phone regularly? Is there any difference in how you communicate now than when he first went on the road. I mean do you actually have a reason to be suspicious? Here is Larry a guy I interviewed who has been married for 20 plus years while trucking and is happy.

Larry on marriage his advice is more for the man though.I mostly wanted you to see how strongly men do feel about their wives and relationships out here. I know you hear all the negative, who braggs about guys like Larry, and several others who I interviewed. Did you read Jennifer's story?

Jennifer's advice is more for the woman marriage advice for truckers wives

As far as lot lizards. They are here. they are not at every truck stop. They are not at most truck stops. They usually are not too attractive.I hear them more than I see them. Hadn't seen one in about months now. But if I wanted to see one, I have been through some cities where everyone knows they are likely to be. I just don't stop there. So if a trucker wanted to find a lot lizard in the right city he could probably find one with enough effort. Somehow though, all you ladies think there is some state of emergency where these women are flooding ever place that a trucker parks and then hypnotizes the drivers into submission. It's just not that much of an issue for most drivers. There just is no time or money for dealing with that for most drivers even if they actually wanted to. Most don't want to.

So unless you had problems with your husband flirting or cheating with other women, I wouldn't worry about lot lizards.

Worry about taking care of that jealousy so you can nurture your relationship.

Hope I helped a little bit.

See what advice the others will have for you.Good luck,Hervy

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