I am a newly wed truckers wife

by Christina Loroff
(Mt Gilead , Ohio )

Well I been married now 4 months today . I have only known my man for 6 months come December 17th. His Mom is a trucker for 16 years but she drives local in Ohio. His Dad is retired from trucking he did it 30 years .

My hubby was in the Navy for 6 years did 2 tours and many detachments and I was in the Army and I'm a military brat. We both been married be4 years ago just to the wrong ppl .

I love him a lot but wow this trucking takes a toll on me at times. it's like the military in ways but then sometimes not always lol. The thing i miss the most is him being in bed with me , which of course he isn't lol.

He has been trucking for 2 months now but he started all the cdl trucking school stuff long be4 that he started that in August but he has 6 months left til his contract is up .We don't have any kids but i mean wow right now he is making not so much and I work for a warehouse and I'm just a temp at that, lol.

I want a baby but it would suck because he would miss it all. I'm already a basket case at times with this new life style right now anyway, lol.

How do you all cope I am 28 and a newly wed and former army and do you ladies cope?

thanks for your time

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Jan 29, 2012
coping with OTR husband & kids. NEW
by: Anonymous

My husband & I have 2 kiddos & he drives OTR. He was there for a lot with the 1st baby & not so much with the 2nd baby, but we had to pay fro the 2nd pregnancy cash so he didn't have the option to take time off for dr. apts. He depends on the company he works for, but my husband was able to get time off when the babies came so he was there for the deliveries of each baby even though they both came early ( one 3wks early & one 5wks early). He took a bit of time off after each birth to help me get settled at the house with the babies & the back to the road he went. It's easier if you have other family support, but not impossible either way. It's a bit like being a single mom, but not too bad. I'd say the most important thing is make sure you 2 maintain a good relationship & that you can deal with this kind of work long term, if you can't then you need to talk to him & see if he is open minded to other work options at some point (like before baby starts 1st grade), & most of all that you can afford it. Right now it sounds like you're already struggling financially & kids aren't cheap & I wouldn't recommend paying cash for a pregnancy since it can cost about $10,000, so make sure you have insurance (trust me I know, been there). I had to pay &1,700 up front for my dr. alone & he is the same dr. that delivered my 1st born, plus $150 per ultra sound, 1,000 for lab work, 2,00 for the hospital for me & another 2,000 for the babies stay, plus 1,600 for anesthesiology (epidural). It's more for c-section. I think you should put a lot of thought into having a baby, & make sure you have your marriage & your finances in order 1st, but it's definitely do-able. Of course they miss things after baby is born too, but with technology now it's easy to send him the memories he is missing...plus there is always video chat. As far as coping...I remind myself why he does this...it may be his dream job, but he supports our family at any cost. It isn't easy for him either. So how do I cope?...I suck it up & live the life I have, take care of my kiddos, & enjoy every minute he is home. :)

Dec 05, 2011
advise for new truckers wife thining of starting family NEW
by: Hervy

Hi Christina, welcome to the site and the lifestyle.

While you are waiting on the ladies to chime in, I want you to take a look at what another trucker's wife wrote, which is similar to yours in the starting a family area. Then read my response to what she wrote.

Take care,
see you around on the site later,

I thought it would be easy

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