I thought the trucking lifestyle would be easy...

by Nesika

Engagement Photo Shoot

Engagement Photo Shoot

Like I said, I thought it would be easy. When I first met my fiance, Nick, he didn't have a job and his dad was a trucker. So he ended up going to trucking school and ended up driving truck.

At first he would stay in state, and be home every weekend.I got used to that and now he is gone for weeks on end. I try to stay busy, but it gets hard.

Now we are recently engaged, so planning the wedding keeps my hopes up for when he gets home.

I love our time we spend together because I look forward to it so much more than seeing him everyday. We have been talking about having kids, but Im scared to have them with little support from him.

I love him with all my heart, and it gets hard, especially at night, but I couldn't imagine any other lifestyle now. :)

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Dec 05, 2011
adjusting to the trucking life
by: Hervy

Nesika it sounds like you are adjusting to the trucking lifestyle pretty well.

Good job! You need that smiling face to reflect back and forth to each other in order to fade the distance. Always find something to do together that makes you both happy when he gets home.

As far as the starting the family...well there is another chapter in the adventure isn't it! :-)

It's done all the time. I think what I would consider if I were you guys though is to wait at least a year. After that year with a good record he is eligible for a lot more trucking companies. This the company he is isn't paying the average for his experience or he isn't treated right he can find a good home. (Trucking job)

During that year, I would save like crazy. Emergency fund of 3 months expenses at least and a baby fund.

I would map out the small things like, will we stay where we are or move? Do I have support of my in-laws or the baby's grandparents if needed. Will we have enough income with the salaries at the time. Estimated cost of a baby first year according to www.babycenter.com/baby-cost-calculator is $10,158

Decide together how long he will be on the road.

If you don't want to stay in this lifestyle throughout the entire marriage or even just during the kids younger years, figure out how transition from the lifestyle in 5 or 3.

Maybe while you have no kids now, you can attend community college to get a diploma or certificate in something you find interesting and rewarding.

Internet security, help desk tech, Sonographer, etc. Or maybe even go to a tax preparation school to do taxes during tax season.

(well I guess I am assuming you are not working but anyway, if so even better as long as your happy working)

Point is, we tend to get in a mind frame that what we are doing right now is how it will always be. Or the direction that things are going is set in motion by life it'self and we are here for the ride. Reality is, we can shape how the future will be if we

  • think about the desired future (dream)

  • pray for guidance for living purpose with a passion and purpose and find your dream (inspiration)

  • set goals for making it come to life (vision)

  • determine plans for reaching that goal(organize)

  • prepare or start working on steps to carry out plans now (action)

  • determine that you efforts are worth the end results and follow through based on your desires (commit)

  • Be humble and thankful that your life will be in evolution to your vision. Know that many people will never dream much less make them a reality. This means you are blessed and should be open with the lessons that you learn in life. Be happy, share, enjoy (results)

I think if you think along these lines, you will have less fear or hesitation about starting the family and more clarity about when to start your family. Clarity lightens a path and provides security for the journey.

Best of luck,

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