Husband has new female driving partner. Having hard time with it.

by Susan
(California )

What do you think

What do you think

My husband is new to trucking. Has been OTR for about 4 months now. He just recently was put with a young female that's also new to trucking.

I'm feeling uneasy about the whole situation. Being together for so long is it a good or bad thing?

I'm scarred they might start feeling something for each other.

Am I thinking too much? HELP!!!

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Oct 24, 2016
To answer your question
by: Lance

Yea you should be concerned.In my opinion he shouldn't have accepted her as a driving partner especially being married.I'd be concerned myself.Some men may be different but with enough temptation they will break.

If he is seriously in love with you, I would think that he wouldn't be having her for a driving partner. But I'll be happy to take her off your hands. That would be awesome to have a young woman for a partner. ..Remember this was only my opinion, don't let it cause any problems. Maybe he will keep it business only.

But if he cheats you'll know it by the way he treats you differently.If so,move on, have the attitude that if he is going to cheat, he isn't worth it anyway

.Well that's my two cents worth.

Aug 29, 2016
You asked for Help!
by: Anonymous

Yes, you have every reason for your concerns...I had a lady codriver that I did get attracted to and involved with. Ask it my fears or my woman's instinct in my gut, that signals me on this. You are or are not ok with it.

That's you and your feelings are valid.

Pay attention and make it necessary for others to do the same babe. It's the common sense stuff and the obvious that shows you, us, a problem..or potential problem. How you feel means everything if you are the love of this man's life.

Your in control of you. I would say that If your husband shows he doesn't care about this, and isn't willing to change a work situation when its possible to do so, then got a problem and a valid marital issue that will take on its own agenda if you both let it. Don't ignore this.

I learned a great deal by finding help, to go to good counseling was the best thing I ever did for me.

Good impartial advice is out there. Friendship and genuine trust is still available. You look. You seek. You find dear. Get yourself with the 2 to 5 percent of the best people out there, have Boundries on sharing the personal, let the Lord lead you, he won't send you wrong.

Its so important that others value us. And we value ourselves enough to. We have one life to live. May you find the fulfillment in yours that is meant for you. That's up to you. The inner strength you discover will be noticed by others. This can bring great confidence and get the attention of your trucker. Hubby as well.

It could. Take time for you! Live well, wise, strong, good decision making. Good choices, great attitude. If you do that and He loses you, then what have you lost? If this hasnt helped already, try putting it into action! (no charge)..MrRick

Aug 20, 2016
Nothing to worry about
by: Blights of the Highway (Walter W Posey)

If your husband was an architect with a new secretary.....or ANY other red blooded male in ANY other profession for that matter, I'd say your concern would be a bit understandable.

But being he's an American trucker the last thing he's going to be thinking about is sex. His new "woe-mon" driver will be met with disdain, pity and possibly even outright hostility.

You see, firstly, he's going to feel threatened "No damn wummun gonna be drivin' MY rig!". Secondly, he'll feel embarrassment should other male drivers see her at the wheel and him "ridin' bitch". Thirdly, he will spend all his waking hours tugging at his belt and trying to convince th' lil'lady what a haaaarrrrd callin' it is and pitying her little pea brain for even attempting A MAN'S JOB, YEEEEHaaar! Lastly, many American't women truckers feel the need to dyke themselves up in a futile attempt to be more accepted by their male counterparts - complete with a butch attitude, pot belly, facial hair and a Marlboro flopping around in it's mouth.

No, you've got nothing to worry about. Unless it's him whining for days on end what a horrible experience it was.

sources: 1994 - 2008 in the heavy aftermarket truck parts industry. Listening daily to them morosely bitching about having to spend time with the wife, or exclaiming with pure glee about splashing hot / cold coffee in "sum durty lot lizard's face".

Aug 15, 2016
by: Been there

trust is out of picture. not good to have mixed teams but depends on the pair

Let your mind rest if you trust him you are ok although I would not let that go for very long.......we are all human and time isn't your friend here

Jun 20, 2016
No worries
by: Anonymous

One sleeps the other drives....

Jun 20, 2016
Husband With Female Trucking Partner
by: Hervy

I can see your concern. I think it is not uncommon. However, I have also talked to women who does a good job of seeming as though they are not phased.

If you are talking about a team driver, I think that is much more of an issue than training.

I would ask him how he would feel if the situation was reversed. You were on the road with a male partner. Would he feel that is OK.

Obviously, I have no idea of the state of your relationship (trust in particular) or past experiences in the relationship and that is an important aspect of this situation as well.

I also don't know how much he can dictate from the company. I find it pretty sorry if a company won't accommodate a married man with a male partner though if he requests it.

If they won't do that, I think he should find another trucking company, not simply for that act but for the lack of consideration for a human generally, and the family unit more specifically because what happens in other instances when they have to chose between family values of the driver and what they want to do with regards to profit or otherwise.

I don't see where putting that woman with a single man or another woman could hurt their bottom line so much. And if he is such a good driver that they want the woman with him, then it also means that he can get another job.

However, if this situation is not going to change, you really need to be serious about using the information on this page.

How to deal with time apart from each other

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