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Kentucky Trucking

Get your Kentucky CDL if you have a good record and you could get a Kentucy trucking job. Kentucky is short of drivers to haul it's manufacturing, agricultural and energy fuel products. Ky is 5th nationally in goat production, 8th in cattle production and 14th in the production of corn. You already know about it's affiliation with horses. The calcium rich soil which is good for blue grass which is good for horses to eat make Ky a top choice for horse breeding. So there is no telling what you can end up hauling if you find local Ky trucking job.

Kentucky Trucking
Types of Trucking Jobs
Local Truck Driving Schools
Advantages and Disadvantages of Trucking

Commercial Driver Local Resources

Please post your trucker friendly local resource. Start with the City.

In the descriptions list the name, address and relevant information.


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Part Time Trucking

Part time trucking jobs are becoming more and more popular. Owner operators are deciding to split their time driving with other drivers.

Also there are staffing agencies that hire drivers for their services. Many of these driving jobs are part time or local.

Part Time Trucking Jobs

Local Driving Jobs

There are likely to be trucking companies or companies with terminals that are near you. These are where you are most likely to find a trucking job that will get your home more often. It is also your best chance of finding a local trucking job.

Distribution centers, large plants and manufacturers in your area may also be hiring.

Finding Local Trucking Jobs

Class B Jobs

Looking for Class B trucking job. It will probably be a straight truck but there are also other types of Class B trucking jobs. Do a search using the term Class b driving job plus your city if nothing show up in results.

Class B CDL jobs

Delivery Jobs

Want to a regular delivery job. These guys usually drives delivery vans. Couriers and Hot Shot outfits are always looking for someone in busy cities. Other ares not so much. Only one way to know what is available where you are.

Do a search for the term driver or delivery job plus your city or town.