Dry Van Trailers

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You see them everyday. Most new truck drivers will start their career off pulling dry van trailers. They will haul all types of freight in these trailers which can vary slightly in size, roof material, suspension, and goodies inside used for securing freight.

When you pull these trailers hauling regular freight most of the time you will do nothing more than drive the truck.

Occasionally you may have to unload or load. More often than not, you will use a lumper. Especially since the company will likely pay the lumper more to unload than they will pay you.

I guess this is because they want you to rest and not get hurt rather than touch freight. Most drivers don't want to touch freight anyway though.

Because of that, no touch freight is a clutch phrase used in marketing to cater to drivers who thinks of trucking as DRIVING ONLY. If you've been hear long or have listened to my CD or read the booklet you know that I think touching freight is a good way to get paid on the clock.

This is why I like stick hauling. Or hauling new furniture...we unload most of our freight. But to each his/her own. I just don't see anything wrong with unloading every now and then at least.

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Dry Van Trailers
Types of Trucking Jobs

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Dry Van Trucking Jobs
Types of Trucking Jobs