You need to be happy to share happiness

by Beth

I see that the majority of you are unhappy.
I came on this site to share experiences with real wives of truckers...
I can’t imagine why anyone would consider it a marriage when your not living together!

I married my husband one year ago & I immediately moved on the truck with him.I closed my houses up & packed & moved in with him. That’s Marriage! Living , struggling & being together.
I’m sorry for you woman who have been tricked or it’s inconient for you...

I’ve met numerous other woman who were OTR wives to truckers & they are many walks of life... I’m especially proud of a lady who has 3 kids who live OTR . She is a great mother who homeschools them. They are well rounded & intelligent.

There are woman who work online & woman like myself who love traveling..
I used to full time RV soI knew I would love trucking... I am retired & we are in love .

Just know who you are marrying & don’t depend on him for your happiness. You need to be happy to share happiness.

Catch y’all later.

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