WTF is going on in this relationship?

I never did any provocation on my part to make my husband this way but while my husband calls me he never mentions sex when he will get home.

Now I told him about a month ago that I saw an orthopedist because when I slept on my right side I wake up in pain & the doc told me I had an injury to my shoulder & he doesn't want me to do heavy lifting or raise my arm.

I told my husband about my shoulder & a week ago he calls me & into the conversation out of the blue he says to me, hey when I come home can I tie you to the bed & I reminded him about my shoulder & I told him no I can't raise my arm, he hung up on me.

He then texts me & says you know I just called my fleet manager & I am quitting this job the end of the month so you won't have no more medical & we have not talked over a week.

Blood is thicker than water & since he has become a trucker, his friends or buddies see to be blood & I am water! He tells me I ask for one thing & you can't please me!

He must have told one of his friends about his unhappiness because this one friend of his sent me a message thru social media telling me I need to get my act together & tell that f***ing doc 2 fix my shoulder ASAP.

I now have all his friends blocked so they can't see me & I can't see them. Then supposedly he tells me he heard something & I asked him who told you & he said he was not revealing a name but it was ok for him to tell his buddy or buddies of my health situation!

Anymore I do not recognize my husband! I have removed all pictures of him or him & I from the wall so I don't have to look at his face!

I feel he is treating me like a total stranger! His birthday was a few days ago & did I call him or text him & wish him a happy birthday, HELL NO! Oh & this same buddy of his also told me I should give in to any wish of his sexually even to go as far as him or any of the buddies to photograph us in bed.

This same guy is married & I msg his wife & she said to me, what is so wrong about that, that she told me her husband even does her up the back door & it hurts awful & she don't like it but she wants to please her husband & that is our jobs as wives.

Now this buddy is not a trucker but someone he used to work with at his former job. I have no idea what has happened to my husband over the months but last summer he said this job has brought us closer but now it has torn us apart.

He is forever texting me with nasty & stressful messages thru social media because he can't phone me because I have him blocked. I don't want to hear & listen to his nasty gruff tone of voice.

Oh I told that buddy that marriage is a 2-way street & he replied back, no sweetheart, it is a man's world & it is the man's way only. Now I can see why his wife agrees totally with him. And when I ask my husband why is it all about him, he can't give me an honest answer, what does he do, but say you know what this is the end of the conversation, he says he is through with me & I told him I don't need & deserve his treatment.

Again he says if I did what he asked for, he wouldn't be this way but he never does what I ask for like to clean up after himself when he is home, it's like I am his maid or housekeeper instead of his wife or acting like I am his mother! Please I need advice!

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Aug 13, 2014
I am sorry you are going through this NEW
by: MissyJay

Honey, get a plan. Make a plan to get your cash together, Get you a place to live. Move out, get a divorce and get on with your life.

He seems not to have any respect for your nor your condition. He does not seem to feel as if he has done anything wrong and it is totally wrong to tell that friend about the situation and for them to social media telling you to get your s**t together.

I do wish you the best, you can do better and there is better out there for you if you want it.

Jun 04, 2014
by: Anonymous

Don't stress Sweetie you have all the morals in the world and blocking these low life's out of your social media life is the best thing you could do for yourself because none of these idiots are worth your time!! You are better than that. Anytime a female allows sex acts to be performed on her that she doesn't like is a desperate individual, is unable to find herself a decent man, has a low self image of herself, and has low self esteem. For someone to think they were only put here to please a man shows her character and its sad. For any man to say this is a man's world is as dense headed as they come, for there are more women here in the states than men so his thinking is totally back woods!!! One thing that's even sadder is that the person who you thought you knew shares these same types of beliefs. Try and take some time to think of this awful situation your in and find a solution that will work for you, since all these other people dont have a clue or handle on/or about life, you must be the one who has to be the bigger adult/person to step up and not be second best to anyone!! Wishing you happiness and a life without this type of drama. You can post what I have said to the idiots so they can see what kind of fools they really are!! :)


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