Wow, guess I am one of the lucky ones...

by Laura
(Vancouver BC)

After reading many of these posts regarding cheating men; men that come home and lay on the couch; demanding men; men that don't communicate.... and the list goes on... I guess I can count myself lucky as many drivers are "dogs"? I say that with tongue firmly planted in cheek..... :-)

My guy will call frequently, text often and always is interested in how my day went. TOTAL difference to my 19 yr marriage to a construction worker who never called, didn't give a damn and cheated on me.... hmmm; so it actually happens in other professions? Really???

After my fella comes home off the road; he will enjoy a nice meal that I have prepared, has a hot shower and uses a clean, warm towel right out of the dryer and then proceeds to help with the kids, grocery shops with me, cleans the house, hugs and kisses me everytime we are in close proximity, and always has a smile and is happy to be home with his family. The kids are always telling us to get a

I think our problems stem with the types of guys we choose to fall in love with. Does not matter what they do for a living. I have a more loving, meaningful communication with my trucker ( even when OTR ) than I did with my superintendant contstruction ex-husband ( whom I chose poorly )...who should have been home but never was..

I am concerned with some of the negativity with some of these posts and wanted to let all the ladies know that the good ones are out there; you just gotta know what your are looking for and what you want in your life.

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Nov 17, 2011
Thanks! NEW
by: Anonymous

I was starting to worry. I have heard and read so many stories. I have been married to my man for 11 years and he is on his first trip. Coming home in a bit! I have dinner in the oven. He is a great hubby, and I don't expect his job will change that. I miss him so much, and need him to call me more though. He has only called once a day. I want to hear from him more and we will certainly talk about that, and I think he will change it. I love him so much, and he is doing this for his family, not to destroy us.

Jul 22, 2011
Yes, there are good ones out there!
by: lucy97

This was very refreshing to read! I've been married to my hubby for 18 years, with close to half of those with him being OTR. I greatly appreciate what my hubby does for our family. In turn, he also greatly appreciates me keeping things in check on the home front. We make it a point to express these feelings and do whatever we can to make it easier on each other. With both of us having hectic schedules, we often feel like two ships that pass in the night. Sometimes a show of love can be as simple as leaving a home cooked meal waiting in the fridge or for me, coming home from work to not only my husband, but also the grass cut! Appreciate your men, ladies. In turn, they will also appreciate you!

Jun 29, 2011
Got My Learners Permit!
by: Laura

Can't believe it; went and took my air brakes certification course ( only female out of 20 students ) passed my exam, passed my knowledge test and have my learners. I cannot wait for the hubby and I to go out on the road together. I am looking forward to what the future may bring.

May 03, 2011
You are a wise woman!
by: Juls

I am also one of the lucky ones, we talk all the time, we txt every morning and every night. I love to cook for him when he is home, and send him with care packages and little love notes when he leaves. The job is so hard for them, I think we have to appriciate our truckers...You said it...about choosing the right guy. I think it is important to choose wisley & treat kindly. Thanks for posting. God Bless

Apr 29, 2011
Thanks for Spreading the Good News
by: Hervy

Hi Laura, Kathy, Carrie, thanks so much for chiming in. There are a lot of men and women who need to read what you have written.

Continued happiness,

Apr 27, 2011
Right On!
by: carrie

I am right there with you sister. I spent 20yrs (day in & day out) with my ex-husband. It wasn't all bad, but not the greatest either. Infidelity, lack of trust, lack of communication, resentment, yada yada.
My now hubby is everything I spent 20yrs dreaming my perfect man should be. For us..him being OTR actually keeps our relationship fresh. We communicate wonderfully, we look forward to seeing eachother, we tend to ourselves, as well as eachother.
I find all the negativity on here hard to swallow at times. These woman can soooo easily CHOOSE to have what we, and other happy trucker wives have.
Kudos to those of us who choose to stand by our men, our relationships, and choose to put forth the effort to be happy.
We are strong and proud women!!

Apr 24, 2011
by: Kathy

I totally agree with you. There are GOOD ones out there and it bothers me that there is more complaining about the Bad ones that the Good ones get lost in the posts/
I have been married for 33 yrs to my Man and he has only been driving truck for 2 months now. But he ALWAYS calls me and sends me flowers and when he gets home he is always wanting to know what I want to do while he is home. He is very appreciating of what I do at home while he is away. Mine also is constantly touching me whenever we are near each other. He was never a touchy huggy man until he went on the OTR.
I LOVE my man and I MISS him so much when he is on the road. But he CALLS all the time to many to actually count. It seems I am always on the phone with him. He cannot talk while driving, company policy but everytime he stops he calls. We were together 24/7 working on our farm before he took the job OTR trucking. We were close but nothing like we are now. The phone calls and times spent together are CHERISHED by both of us.
Praise God that I do have one of the GOOD ones.
God Bless, Happy Easter Everyone!

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