Worth the wait - (From OTR to local they met online)

by Catherine

They met online

They met online

So I'm completely new to the trucker's girl life. I met my trucker a year ago - online if you can believe it. And even with the distance, it's been pure magic (not to sound too sappy lol).

I was a single mom of 2 kids, 1 of who is an Asperger's kid. He was a single trucker doing his thing, cross-country. The first time we met in person, there was no doubt in my mind that this man was meant for me. He's local now and helping me raise my kids, who adore him.

We are still adjusting - he got here in January (yeah, 8 months after meeting him online). We were both so independent it's difficult to adjust to having someone to help me with every day things. Laundry, dishes...he even cooks! :-) To say I'm happy is an understatement.

We've talked about him going back out on the road but he doesn't want to anymore. It was hard when he was OTR, not going to lie. But he was definitely worth the wait! I will say that when he was out on the road, both of us made an effort to be in contact with each other, every day.

Whether it meant an email or a text message. Just something to let him know I was thinking about him. I do that to this day. It's made us stronger.

Not that 1 year is anything to brag about but what I have learned in that one year is:

Stay strong. Have faith. Be supportive (of each other).

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Apr 29, 2016
Good for you two
by: Hervy

It's nice to hear about the relationships that work out well. Get sappy as you want! lol.

I notice a common thread though, the relationship works out a lot better if both people are somewhat independent when the couple met. It either is dependent on the other for most things or lets say, livelyhood....it produces some kind of funk.

Just an observation.

So ladies, unless you have an old school man who LOVES completely providing, even if you have kids and circumstances from before you met, in my opinion, you should do something to make yourself more independent.

Cause here is what I see happening. People get involved, it seems the guy realizes she is helpless, then he abuses the situation.

A lot of women here, even mentions that they moved away from her friends, or in the middle of nowhere. Then he starts acting different. Don't even call or come home as much, etc.

So, I see this as a pattern that occurs too frequently. (read the posts)

Make sure you do an assessment of each other's personality and character. Don't move away from what your support structure blindly. Should be a very good excuse for moving to the middle of nowhere. If there is not a sensible, logical reason, don't move because the reason is not good.

Probably signs of a control freak, manipulator, and possibly an abuser.

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