wife of a trucker, mother of 3, and manager at full time job

by Cori Free
(southaven, ms)

I am happily married to a trucker. He is a long haul, flatbed driver. he is an owner operator, ambassador, trainer, wonderful dad to our three kids. two boys, 14 n 11, and 8yr old daughter.

I also work...40-50hrs a week, manager. i go in around 10 n get off between 8 and 9pm..i work weekends also. so normally when hes home im working..sucks!!

We don't do dates, never find time with us only having few hours with both us home. we do a lot of things with all of us. we normally only end up having 3-10hrs..thats sleeping too.

I want more time with just my husband. i miss him very much and we need more alone time without the kids. going to bed at night is not alone time, were both so exhausted and have to be up with the chickens the next morning..lol.

We tend to talk on the phone a good bit when timing is right. not much texting anymore for the past yr or so. It is hard to be a fulltime mom to three kids and do more with them n for them as a single mom. the sleepless nights, stressed, lonely, depressed and needing my husband, not easy at all.

When hes home he cooks and helps around the house while i work. he takes the kids with him everywhere he goes while hes home. he loves his kids so much and spends time with them while he can. i also am going back to school... i am very busy also as he is. we talk and communicate a lot most days and try to say all we need to but there's days where we hardly talk because of our schedules are so off balance or the other drivers are blowing his phone up.

The lonely anniversaries, birthdays, weekends, etc..it never gets easier, only harder. he makes a point to be home for the kids birthday parties for them, which is a great thing. i am very lucky to have a wonderful father for our kids, a great hard working husband and patient best friend.

I love my trucker, he is the knot that holds me together at the end of everyday. all be safe and careful out there....

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Nov 02, 2014
Last comment was BS! NEW
by: Anonymous

Your children are at that age that they themselves would love for mommy and daddy to have alone time. I'm a trucker's wife and we have 4 kids. We MAKE time for each other... it is how you keep the romance alive. If spending time with your husband means THAT much to you, as I'm sure it does, then what is a couple hours less sleep?!?!? DO THE DATE THING!

My grandmother had the BEST philosophy....
In order to keep your spouse, you must do all that you did to get them!

Jul 29, 2014
well NEW
by: Anonymous

One way to look at it...When your children are all grown up and leave the nest you both can retire early and have a blast in your golden years....it just works that way when we decide to have a family.... the children are first and thats the sacrifice we make...

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