Wife and mother dealing with the truckers life on the road.

(north carolina)

me and my husband met online over 8 yrs ago.. i was attending college 2 states away from where he lived.

we became friends and after 3 months of talking decided to start a relationship.. it would be several months till we ever go to finally meet in person and when we did it was amazing we were together and new it was forever..

now being married for 6 years and 2 kids a 10 month and a 3 yr old. he is trucking to make the best for our family. he is on the road 2 weeks at a time and only home 3 days if we are lucky his time is the most important with the kids..

we have very strong and open relationship due to having been apart for so long in the beginning of our dating..i try to make sure he calls the kids and tells um god night every other day so they don't feel left out or confused why daddy's not here..

i have my own issues with him not being home only we have come to a way to help both our needs.. we have a date night once every week over the phone and both pick an adult movie that we both like.. while watching the movie we talk about the movie and things we would like to share when he does come home.. this has made his home coming easier on me and his being away easier on him..

every now and then i will get a suprise e-mail of him and him telling me how special i am and how he is thinking of me at at that moment..

i do love my husband and i have come to enjoy our time apart it makes our time together more special..

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