Whoo hoo - about to go on the road with fiance!

Due to changes with my job (I'm about to be replaced by someone younger) and since my apartment is part of my job (property management) I am getting the opportunity to go out on the road with my fiance. We are taking my miniature Dachshund Doc with us :-) Also will be moving to a new apartment.

Lots of changes coming up in the next month for us. My fiance is "old school" - believes that its a man's job to take care of his wife and vice versa.

My health has deteriorated a lot in the last few months so I'm grateful to have someone who will be keeping an eye on me for health problems.

Anybody have any advice for the novice truck driver's wife? I am so excited to have the chance to see the country, the ocean, etc. Hope my back holds out sitting in the passenger seat all those hours :-)


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