What is a good video chat app for truckers?

Can anyone give me some advice or tips on video chats. Both my husband and I have Android phones and tablets. I also have an Apple iPad but my husband does not because he never liked Apple products and he has said you couldn't pay him enough money to own an Apple product lol.

With an Android device the only app we can get so we can see each other on a daily basis several times a day and the kids love it because they can see and talk to their father & vice versa.

The app we use on our Android is Tango, so far it is good but on my Apple iPad I can get Skype, FaceTime and Tango but Skype and FaceTime are not available on Androids. So if there are truckers and their wives out there with only an Android device, if there are other video chat apps besides Tango, I sure would love to know.

Plus by using Tango, we do not seem to get disconnected like we do on a phone call, how frustrating it is to be in the middle of a phone call and you hear nothing and you are saying hello hello and I have called my husband back and asked what happened and he says he is out in the middle of nowhere so that is why we lost the signal!

And I will have to say video chats are so much better than a phone call because me and the kids feel more connected to him by seeing him & hearing him than just hearing him.

It helps with the long distance absence!

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