what i learned as a truckers wife

Im a trucker wife and to tell you the truth its hard because my husband misses out on a lot with the kids and time with me even tho he comes home for 5days its still takes a toll on everything.

When i can i sometimes travel with him but sometimes he is not sure on how long he will be out so its kind of hard with the kids. some truckers wives might worry and stress a lot with the dangers of the road other drivers and bad weather conditions. my husband has been driving over 10yrs so he pretty much know them high ways blind folded but it don't stop me from being a concern wife.

I know a lot of women wives or girlfriends of truckers worry about the lot lizards thats out there you just have to know and trust your man. keep tabs on him do your research constant phone calls and keeping it real with one another and love each other even if there on the road try too keep it spicy.

send pictures, tango, skype, video chat what ever you can to keep it fresh

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