What about when he's home?

by Kate
(Endicott, NY)

So... My boyfriend is coming home (hopefully) in about 6 weeks. He was supposed to be home for 2 weeks but it looks like his time will be cut short.
He'll be spending a bit of time with his family at the start, and of course we'll dedicate some time to them.
HE also has something planned, so I have to make time for that...

I've worked up a list of things to do for him- i'm going to make some of his favorite dinners, bake cookies/brownies with him, etc.
I'm also planning for a movie marathon day (the Fast&Furious series, or Harry Potter, or some other movie set that he'll enjoy sitting on the couch and watching for a day)
We both want to go bowling (his idea)
I want to go for a walk (i know, it will be mid-winter, but we can walk to the nearby park and play in the snow, make snowmen, and be kids again.)
I also want to take some professional couples portraits. It will be just short of our 3 year anniversary, so I figure it's about time.

Does this seem like a reasonable schedule? Is there anything I shouldn't plan to do, or is there anything else you think we should plan to do while he's home?

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Nov 17, 2011
wing it NEW
by: Anonymous

Don't do anything.... See what he does when he gets home and go from there

Nov 16, 2011
.... NEW
by: Kate

WoahWoahWoah! Slow down!

I'm aware that I shouldn't overload him, I know enough to not do that.
The only reason I asked for more suggestions is because he was chomping at the bit to find out what else I had "planned" for him, and seemed disappointed when a Movie day, taking pictures, and a walk/snowman building were the only real things I came up with for 2-ish weeks of break.
Then he came up with the bowling idea and was waiting for me to add more to the list.

Thanks for the suggestion to not do more than I've already 'planned', but take my question with a grain of salt too ;)

I certainly didn't set any "appointments" or 'deadlines' that we have to keep to. Bowling can be done at any time we feel the need, movies can be done at any time- especially when he's feeling tired and just wants to sit still, and we only have to have a day or two's notice for pictures (because I'm good friends with some pro's who'd be at our beck and call.)
I'll be busting my rear making the food for him, and all he has to do is eat it.

I was hoping to get ideas for 'filler' activities that might be good to have on the back burner, to get him away from his overbearing family, or mine for that matter.

Nov 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

Oh my gosh, if I scheduled my man like that when he got home...lol..... well... lets say Im sure he would stay on the road longer to avoid more pressures and deadlines... lol... Hervy gives some very sound advice here . Even if my guy tells me what he wants to do when he gets home, I take it with a grain of salt so Im not disappointed when I discover he's too tired or just feels differently when he walks through the door. Keep an open mind and be OK with change...

Nov 15, 2011
Don't do it....
by: Hervy

ummm...just my opinion

Kate, don't add anything else. lol

From a man's point of view...and trucker's point of view....he really doesn't want to end up having appointments and deadlines. We have to do that most of the time out on the road.

I think if you add on more it would be overwhelming.

I think with what you have you should be not pushy about getting it done.

Ok, he suggested bowling you make pictures or the walk your deal.

Let the rest be a very loose suggestion with no pressure and I bet he will try to do it to please you but if he seems to not be up to it let it go.

Bottom line is this. If it was me, I wouldn't want more than half of that stuff to be in scheduled firm. (I know it's the best way to get it all in but.....trust me)

Maybe stick with what you got and have your other thoughts ready just in case you hear him say something equivalent to, "I'm bored" lol

However, keep in mind, I don't know him but based on what you said a while ago and knowing how I like to not have stuff to do when I get home(but I always do and it's my own doing), you don't want to over do it.


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