We both travel on our jobs

by Teresa "Huse" Wilson
(Langley, OK)

I recently married March 15,2015. And yes my new husband is a truck driver owns his truck, has been OTR 10 yrs. I was single 6 years prior to becoming engaged and now married. I also travel on my job for I work in bridge construction. I love my job...very versatile, I work as the Field Office Manager as well as work as a skilled labor on the job site. I truly love my husband and no question he loves me. He now wants me to quit my job as we are about to wrap up this 2 yr project here in Oklahoma. We don't know where our next project will be to build another bridge. I could be on layoff for a few months or 3 days before we have completed this project we will be assigned to our next.

My husband knows I love building bridges. I know he loves driving his truck. His offer to me is come home go out on the truck for 2 wks at a time and stay home or do whatever. I would never ask him to sell his truck and stay home, so am I wrong for wanting to stay with my job? He comes home twice a month has been this way while dating, engaged....this has worked fine for me! But I don't find it as a fair game for me to give up my career. Would like to have a feedback from trucker wives.

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