Was a Devoted wife - Trucking Changes a Person

by Jennifer

I was married to a trucker for 6 years ( together 12 years) we had a really good relationship, I took care of everything ( while having a full time job myself) He started having doubts about me and how faithful I was I never did a thing, never crossed my mind... In August he decides to tell me that I deserve someone at home all the time and he was filing for divorce.

I endured almost a year of being accused of cheating and after we divorced I found out he was the one having an affair.

I would like to also mention when I married him he wasn't a truck driver, he was a teacher I supported him 100% for his career change... Trucking changes a person

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Jun 15, 2015
my take NEW
by: Anonymous

life changes people period. throughout our lifetime something steps in and changes our lives periodically. i have been with a trucker who has made this his career. he is the same person as he was 25 years ago when he started in the trucking industry and we got together. its all about communication in the relationship to make it work. i dont believe that is meant just for truck drivers its meant for humans as a whole. any working job can change a person not just trucking.

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