Unreasonable husband

My hub just got done training & now got his own truck & he was telling me how he has this trucker & this one on a social media site & I only said oh it would be nice if you added me. He got ballistic & blamed it on the phone carrier.

I spoke with 3 different people & they all said hub has you blocked & I told him that he has me blocked & why & now he is acting like I have never seen & he hasn't returned my calls.

Now my nephew read that truckers get women to give them free sex through contact by CB, waitresses, store clerks. Well I hope he enjoys the free STD he will get & he said when he gets back, he's moving out & living in the truck!

Even my kids don't want to be bothered with their father. We will not support him & my kids are on my side all the time. They can't stand him anymore!

So he sounds like he's having an affair so I told him to enjoy those women & enjoy that free STD that you will get because you will never have me again.

Trucking is for guys that want to get away from family & get a little extra on the side & to avoid responsibilities. And he wanted to name that truck after me, & I told him don't even think about it!

Us wives try to support them & they do this to us well he will find his family will not be there for him!

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Jul 19, 2013
I disagree NEW
by: Anonymous

Trucking is not for everyone is true...but not all truckers dispaly the attitude yours does...sorry you got a bad fish and better luck on your next catch...

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