Ungrateful boyfriend

by Hope
(Ga USA )

I grew up in the trucking company, understanding what goes on out there, so I decided to date a trucker and gave him a year of my life after being friends for 3 years.

Went on the road with him cooked his meals with a small campfire stove so he could eat right,kept his clothes washed his truck clean , taught him how to manage money,help him get out of debt, And how did he return my love for him when I gave my heart and soul to this man.

He changed. He turned cold and the relationship died out. He started cussing me daily verbally abusing me. Trying to keep me from talking to family keep me isolated, always wanting to kick me off the truck in the middle of no where.

It was not like this till he got a new dm. I understand they got to work as team to get things done so I was never jealous had no reason to be. So I made the decision to leave today getting off in Kentucky and never looking back heart broken and lost.

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Mar 26, 2016
Verbal abuse went to another level
by: Hope

I came with my own money from investing proper, so we always went Dutch, he got a new dm and things changed , every time a load would be took from him, he screamed and cussed and insulted me.

I was always taught to let a man have his say so he can get his anger out in words. My momma got sick and was put in the hospital for her surgery due to a infection in the brain. He seemed jealous over the call. The verbal abuse it went to other level I don't insult people or play mind games and that's what is happening here.

His mom just told me he came out of a mental hospital 6 months before we meet and he been in there 4 time before, and he is a social path they thought that this would not repeat it self , so they kept it hidden.

I don't judge most things can be worked out but not when lines have been crossed, I respected the rules it don't I was just looking for a partnership and friend we could build a life together with, no one is perfect not even me I admit it, I did enjoy being on the truck and i respect the truckers they have it hard and.

They tuff it out like soldiers,

Mar 23, 2016
I take it he dislikes his dispatcher
by: Hervy

I hate what you are going through. I imagine you are frustrated. I still feel I am missing something though.

Are you saying he is unhappy with his dispatcher and he is taking that out on you?

In any case, how does it get so bad that you are getting out of the truck somewhere else.

You sound like a compassionate and attentive person. I am thinking if I was in his situation what would make it worse. The only thing that I can think of is if you are spending or costing him a lot of extra money. (Like buying extra stuff at truck stop or something) Or trying to get him to do something/things that are not allowed or that he can't do due to his DM that he feels you can't understand. I don't know like going by some relatives house and staying for an extra day which is out of route or something.

I mean short of things like that, how could it get to him being so frustrated that he tries to put you out.

So, I don't know. If he is just flipping out cause he can't handle dealing with a DM he doesn't like, seems getting away from him isn't a bad idea.

However, I still don't know why you can't get out at home instead of just getting out of the truck in Ky. Looks like you live in Ga.

I don't know. He was a good guy for 3 years until one day he gets a new Driver manager. That's strange. Have you asked him what is bothering him? Curious about his response.

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