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Just like there is software for everything else these days, there is software for truckers. Trucking software can range from routing software to accounting software designed specifically for the trucking industry which as you know is different from most any other job sector to complete trucking company management.

You might assume that company drivers wouldn't need to use any trucking software. Well, software goes well beyond need. It's just a matter of what you want sometimes. For instance, if you plan to become an owner operator, why wait until then to get familiar with the software.

You can get some accounting software for owner ops and pretend. Actually, it may give you the numbers that help you decide what routes you need to take to be successful or make the money that you want.

There is trucking software for company drivers too though. Helps you keep track of everything that you do while trucking. If you love technology, it is something that you might really find useful. I see one type at the Pilot truck stop all of the time for $40.

My point here is to make you aware. There is all kinds of software out there for truckers. Software for truckers is for productivity, some is for fun. The only software I ever used was a truck driving simulation software. Maybe other drivers can recommend a software that you can use.

Some Types of Trucking Software Available

  • Dispatch Software
  • Accounting Software
  • Templates and Forms
  • Cost/Profit Per Mile for Owner Op
  • Transportation Management Softwae
  • Truck Routing Software
  • Freight Broker Software
  • Mileage Calculator Software
  • IFTA Fuel Tax Software
  • Log Book Software
  • Mapping Software
  • Communications Software
  • Trucker Driving Practice Software
  • Simulation Driving Software
  • Free Trucking Software
  • Trucking Games Software
  • Trucking Communications Software

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Trucking Software

Freight Broker

Get training to become a freight broker online or in a classroom. Check with your local community college and if they don't have a program check out the school I went to.
Transport Training International

Want a more personal level of freight brokerage training?
Margurit O'Neal Suwanee, Ga.
Office 770-814-0977

Freight Broker Jobs

A job as a freight broker is another way to make money in the trucking industry. Freight brokers have flexible lifestyles and offer a needed service. That's why the need for freight brokers is so high. You may hear some drivers complaining about brokers, calling them rip offs, etc.may be another way for you to stay in the trucking industry. As with anything else, there are shady brokers out there who cause these reactions. If you find a name, number scribble on a flyer in a truckstop, I don't think I would use that broker.

Freight brokers jobs that are advertised publicly are usually a safe bet with a reputable company. Using their services to book loads is also a safe bet. The likely reason they are growing is because of quality of service. They DO however, have to get paid just like we do.

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