Trucking is what he wants to do....

by Linda
(Rochester NY)

I hate his job!!

Over the road stinks because last year I saw him 35 out of 365 days....not my idea of marriage. But you know what? He loves it!!!!! So how am I going to say no? He always calls me and sometimes we talk for hours. We spend all his time home together when he comes home, if I'm not working.

He is totally devoted and totally faithful and I believe this with my whole being. You have to have trust and be trusted. He checks the joint account to make sure I always have enough. He doesn't complain about my habits at all. He's a very hard worker and I love him with all my heart!

He trusts me and I trust him. Gotta have a lot of trust always. Got to be supportive too. In the beginning of this job things were horrible and I really got too stressed to be any support to him. I was terrible! But he still loves me and I'm doing a lot better. So I just try to be as supportive as I can be.

Be supportive of each other and love each other with respect.

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Mar 21, 2012
Rochester, NY NEW
by: Steph

I am new to this and scared as husband is leaving next week...if you need a penpal I am not far from you!

Jul 04, 2011
by: Jeff from texas

I am very thankful for this site so we can see the lives of other truckers and their families, and how the job affects the family. I am a felon since I was 18 years old now I am 33 and just can't get a decent job. Come this november I will have been off of probation for 7 years and I am considering trucking as I can't get by on minimum wage and sometimes less than minimum wage. My wife and I are so stressed all of the time. All we talk about is me going otr here in November. Gotta do the school thing not sure how I will come up with the money for it but yeah that's where we are at. I just want a new start in life and I am really hoping that trucking is the way out. I am very aware that it will have effects on my marriage just reading this site. Hopefully we can combat that tho. My wife and I did the long distance thing for many years before we got married. I knew her for 10 years and we been living together since 2006 and got married in 2008. We did long distance before that since 2001 so I know we can survive me trucking even for just a few years as I won't do that forever just gonna pay some bills down and have enough to start onto another career maybe owning my own business. Good luck with you and your trucker. :)

Jul 04, 2011
surviving the trucking lifestyle
by: Hervy

Thanks for sharing Linda,

Sounds like both of you are lucky people just trying to get it right. Great encouragement for others struggling but seemingly no real reason to struggle.

It's important to do what your doing, that is, evaluating the big picture and determining if you real need to be as concern as you are when looking at the big picture which includes whether that(your) man is doing things that a good man (who is good and being a relationship, not all good men are)does. If spends that much time with you while away and at home, your probably right about his full commitment to you.

Seems that since you realize this, you realize the need to work on how the whole thing makes you feel so that you can be there for him, the way he is there for you.

What a great journey.

As long as both you are so into being that person for each other, seem that you can expect a long life together!


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