Trucking is the hardest job this family has ever had.

by Shawna

When we got married my worked in a factory. Three years ago due to fiances he trained to be otr driver. We knew no truckers or trucker wives and we did know what life on the road would be like.

I never agreed to be a single mom. Also for me marriage is a physical and loving relationship. The love continues to grow even though we are apart maybe just for that reason. However he is not home to hold me when all I really need to get through a difficult day is a hug.

In addition, trucking can be very profitable, yet very expensive. During layover time my husband can spend alot, in addition it seems he always need something for the truck such as GPS, atlas, gloves, broom, and the list goes on and on.

In addition, the amount of trust a couple married or not is over whelming some times especially during layovers.
The kids are growing quickly and he misses out on almost everything. The kids miss their dad greately. On the other hand when he is home the time spent with the children is very good quality time. I wonder sometimes if other trucker wives struggle as much as me or if I just make a really lously trucker wife.

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Oct 09, 2009
in response....I'm in the same boat
by: Robin

I've had a tough time, too - I completely hear you! I have a little one, 15 mos old, and when Chuck was gone for 6 weeks for his initial run, without coming home Sam didn't recognize him. I felt horrible. It is also very lonely if you are used to having him around and close. I understand! I have talked to a couple of wives who have been doing this for much longer and they assure me it gets better. (it's only been 2 months for me) I have a blog I'd love to continue conversations about this my blog is:
It's just a personal space I set up to talk about this stuff. From what I understand the key is to keep yourself busy and not try to think about it all the time (I know, easier said than done!!). Hang in there - be the tough woman he trusts you to be to raise his children and hold down the home, so when he comes home it's a place he really feels good about coming home to and leaving! Take care, hope to hear from you again - Robin

Aug 22, 2009
WOW, a truckers wife who cares and shows it
by: Anonymous

You are a tough woman, and that is good. Nothing in life that is worthwhile is easy. We are caught between want and need trying to keep a job and provide for ourselves and family. The world and the company has no real concern for our feelings ,our welfare, our families.

It's all about profit for the big companies. But you are the real deal. You do care, and that makes the difference. When your driver is on the road and when he comes home be sure he knows who really cares. And that is what matters most.

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