Trucking breaks you up

I am new to being a trucker's wife. When my husband was away with a trainer, he got paid peanuts!

Now he passed his test & getting ready to hit the road. Well while he was on the truck with the trainer & he would call me he was very loving & attentive & our distant relationship was great.

Well last week before he hit the road he started a nasty fight with me & I was put off guard. Well I told my sister, who can't stand my husband & my nephew (her son) overheard our conversation & he looked online & told me that he read that out on the road, truckers get free sex, they have other women that will give them free sex because they think truckers & their trucks are sexy & these women can come from talks on the CB, store clerks, & waitresses!

Well I know you wives out there what I am about to say you may disagree with me but that is OK because you may look at your husbands through rosé colored glasses but I told both my sister'& nephew well if he wants to go out & get baloney instead of filet mignon, I sure won't be that wife waiting for him at home & I sure won't get a disease from him because I am off limits to him.

My sister fixed him, she drove to a truck stop & posted his cell phone # in the ladies room advertising he'll give free sex & my mother bought me a present & inside the box was a pack of curlers, socks, & a house dress (the type that old ladies wear) & my mom said when he comes home, you make sure you wear that around the house & he won't touch you!

And my sister & I were getting ready to hit the nightclub & I was in the other room when he called & my sister got a hold of my phone & she told him to get off the phone & then she blocked his number from my phone & she never told me he called but she called him a scumbag dirt ball because they don't get showers daily but have to use baby wipes!

He then calls me the next day at my office & my secretary screens my calls & she told me I better take this frantic call from him. Well my office got a good laugh at his expense since I was on the computer, I put him on speaker & he wanted to know why I blocked him & he told me he is getting all these calls from strange women, well my office staff got a huge chuckle from him!

But I don't have to worry about being alone because while he is away & if it is true what my nephew told me is that truckers get free sex & all the women throwing themselves at them, well thanks to my sister's friend, I, too, have a male companion also.

Hey if they can have women on the side or have a woman in every city or state, we, too, can have some extracurricular activity. And for my mother buying me the old lady wardrobe, she told me my father wanted to be a trucker but when he found out no daily shower & survive being clean with baby wipes & free women throwing themselves at truckers, my mom said my dad passed up the opportunity.

So is there other wives out there that also has heard the same thing? And about me also getting a male companion, well when I don't give him the reason to start a fight with me, well they always say if a man is cheating, he will start a fight with his wife.

Well if that is the case, hope he enjoys them & enjoys that free STD because I sure won't get that disease when I plan on putting on the granny gear & be a complete turn off to him!

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Jun 19, 2016
I was fooled
by: Anonymous

I was so proud of my guy getting his commercial license and everything was great for the first year.

Then as time passed when he was on the road he got meaner and meaner towards me acting like I was always bothering him (I was never one of those women who wanted or needed to know where he was every minute of the day) anyway as things got worse when he was OTR I naturally got suspicious.

Oh let me add that the 2-3 days he was home he was his sweet self but once out there I was a constant bother to him. Yes, I'm aware it's a stressful job as I've been on a few trips with him.

I ended up losing trust and so I searched around the internet sites I figured he'd be in to (aside from tons of porn sites of course).....guess what! I found him on not one but two (there were probably more more it at this point who cares)

I made a fake profile (yes yes shame on me!) and began chatting with him A LOT......

This is getting too long so I'll fast forward to a year and a half later.....I'm still able to play the fake chick which has really F'd things up for him and he has no clue. YET.

So now he's working for a company that has him home every night and the times he's meant to be back have been accurate up until a couple months ago.....longer story short he now stops and has sex with hookers and films it! One of these girls is MAYBE 17 or 18 (puke) and he's 47.

He has no idea that I know. I broke up with him a few days ago mind you we've been together for 13 years and he's always been great but then he got on drugs which is a whole other story. It's going be hard getting him to move out but I'm going to make it happen.

My question there any way or any where I can post these videos without him finding out who did it? He has sent them to numerous friends and he has no idea that I know. He won't care they are out for the world to see but he will care if I see after years of sneaky, suspicious, inconsistent behavior, and lies upon lies upon Anyone?

Feb 27, 2016
by: Anonymous

The baby wipe thing is untrue. My trucker has unlimited free showers and takes one everyday. You just went and did whatever you wanted instead of communicating and you r doing what u think he is doing. That makes you better than him? I think not.

You are as low life as they come. You could of just divorced him and moved on before you lower yourself to a mans indiscretions!

Feb 27, 2016
You are looking for cheating reasons
by: Anonymous

Funny, the baby wipe thing is true. You see, I am a Commercial Driver, who drives professional with and among thousands of other men and women who push the limits for success and the security for their families. Let me enlighten you, who wrote your ridiculously ignorant page. Here's the breakdown of a truckers day.

A driver can drive legal for 11 hours, work for 3, In that 11 hours they have to take 30 minutes before 8 hours of driving. In that 30 minutes, it takes 10 to get off the road, 5 to relieve their urge for the bathroom and 5 to grab food from the puke and choke ( being Micky D's or subway) leaving 10 to hit the road again. Ok crazy, that is 14.5 hours.

Now there is the 10 hour rule. You have to shut down for 10 before driving again. Now, 8 hours in the sleeper, note which is usually on the side of the road, rest area, Wal Mart parking lot, or OMG! AT THE PLACE WHERE THE DELIVERY TAKES PLACE.

Where there are no showers, nor food fit to eat. Lady, all of which has local, state police or security personnel, who protects truckers from lot lizards and gay men. Also, keep law abided by.

However, that leaves two hours to talk to family, get your log book in order, eat beans from a can, read your Bible and prepare for another 14.5 of exhausting, frustrating, stress building to heart failure (such as I have). Which leaves my beautiful wife and children in tremble, wondering if I'm going to live and make it home to them) Now YOU'RE EDUCATED!!!!

While you're spouse calls fighting, it's because they are stressed, tired and worn. They know you won't accept their call and hear from friends that you are with men at a night club. You deserved to be fought with. One last thing.

Keep wearing those granny clothes. ...that way your hard working faithful husband won't get the STD's you picked up from men party bangers from where real whores and sex are.


Jul 22, 2013
To I feel sorry from I feel sorry..
by: Anonymous


Jul 22, 2013
wow i feel sorry for the driver.
by: Anonymous

Needless to say that this crap your nephew got off the net about drivers is all crap. So you let your nephew and sister decide the faith of marriage. In reading your story it seems like you based your decision on a internet report.

I drove for 23 years and there is no free sex on the road. Most drivers don't have time due to long driving hours and tight. Delivery appointments. it seems to me that you wanted out of that marriage and found your excuse not to mention your family doesn't like him. Drivers don't have time to meet and get to know women on the road because they are in a different city every day.

Men that have normal 9 to 5 jobs fit that bill. You did mention you now have a companion. Well he is a man now getting free sex. Don't mean to sound rude but your post is. degrading to every decent truck driver out there who work hard and under paid just to make a living for there loving families.

So any ladies reading this have faith and trust in the man you married because he is sacrificing a lot and putting his life in danger being out there.

Jul 19, 2013
I am sorry to hear this however,
by: Anonymous

I am so glad to hear your post you have made my day and made me one happy woman and I am more secure now than ever!! Thank you, Thank you!!! :)

When my trucker husband comes home from his weekly runs it never fails he calls and ask what would I like for dinner...without ever asking if I made dinner.

When my husband is home and relaxing he asks what would I like to watch on T.V. and hands me the remote and of course I know men love their remotes and I hand it back and always say lets watch our favorite shows, which he always records before he leaves out.

When my husband comes home and we go out to the movies and dinner he pays and guess what at times I take my husband out to the movies and dinner and I pay, this tickles him.

When my husband leaves out he kisses me goodbye and tells me to be safe and I kiss him back and tell him to have a safe trip.

This has been going on for 25 years....

Only cheap and lazy men will not pay for their showers on the road and only cheap and lazy men wait to fill up their trucks to take a shower.

If they must pay for a shower 80% of that shower is tax deductable!!!! How do I know I am a tax preparer!!! This is simple math $10.00 shower is actually only a $2.00 out of pocket who in their right mind would not take a shower everyday out there on the road, that is just plan disgusting to blame their problems on baby wipes tells me how really ignorant the women are here on this site..there are millions of germs out there in those truck stops dont blame the money factor on the hygiene laziness of the men out there!!!

And women who do the same thing that they think their man is doing such as extra activity on the side are no better than the man himself, lack self pride, have low self esteem, were insecure about themselves before they ever met that man, and are a disgrace to womankind. How dare you come on here and put yourself on blast like this it is plain disgusting!!!

Two wrongs do not make it right...if you had any dignity or self respect you would take a ladies approach and in the right direction and closed your mouth to anyone, wrote him off, and made a silent exit from his life for it is he who has to live with him not you.

What kind of environment do you live in that these people you know would sit around and play these types of games and get off on it? And it is not always true that men start fights with women so they can go out and do dirt, that motive is in the mind of the believer 3 times fold..dont give off the immpression that this isnt what you were up to all along and then come on here and sell yourself as the victim there are people on here that are a lot smarter than you think you are, the big joke is on YOU!!!

He may have been sad he had to leave and misdirected this sadness in an angry way, simply put, you and your meddlesome family deserve one another.

Good Day

Jul 19, 2013
I am a trucker too
by: Jeanie

I have been a truck driver for the last 15 years and all I can say is wow. There have always been horror stories about truckers but they are not all in one category.

If you love and trust your husband then don't let what people say lead you down the wrong road. If he got grippe when he was starting on his own it was probably because of the stress of the job.

Trucking can be extremely stressful and loss of sleep and fatigue definitely take a toll. I would suggest taking a trip with him sometime and you can see it is not all the wild life you are hearing about. Truckers are too busy driving to get free anything lol.
Trucking is it's own world and it is hard for anyone who has never done it to understand it.From a fellow trucker all I can suggest is learn trust and understanding because you married him and trucking won't change him to that degree that he will just go crazy on you.Good luck in your marriage sounds like your gonna need it!!!

Jul 19, 2013
Not All the Same
by: Melisa

I'm sorry you're having such a rotten experience. My fiance just finished his training, and yes he did barely make any money, but as he is starting to get on his own, we know it will be better.

My fiance is my best friend, and I know he can't always talk when I want or need to, but will call when he gets a chance. I am very proud of my trucker and will stand beside him through everything.

Perhaps you should think about your own trust issues and insecurities. Ask your husband what he is going through. If you have trust, love and faith you should be able to make it through

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