Trucker's Wife with a dual purpose

by Karyn Wilkinson
(San Antonio, Tx., USA)

Our girls in their trucking years.

Our girls in their trucking years.

I was encouraged by my husband to go on the road with him after I was laid off of my secretarial job with a financial institution. I became his student for 8 months back in 1991.

We ran outlaw for several years until our youngest girl was 4 months old in 1994. I finally tested and received my CDL class A. What started out as only me being on the road with him for 2 years, ended up being 10. 3 1/2 of those years involved taken our 2 girls with us and homeschooling them and driving as well.

I have to say though, that, those times together as a family brought us closer...Yeah there was alot of aggravation, frustration, and total hair pulling times, but, there was also good family time and travel time you wouldn't be able to have working a normal 9-5 job. We have seen so many beautiful places, and met so many interesting people! Our children had a better sense of history by being able to actually visit the places only talked about in the history books.

Life on the road can be a great thing or a curse, but, it is all in the way that you view it! I think setting priorities and knowing what's important to both of you from the get go is a must!!! trucking is not for everyone, there are pro's and con's, but, you need to commit to the decision once you make it and see it through. I always knew my husband was a trucker when I met him, and accepted that with or without me that's what he did for a living!

Being in such a small area for months on end will really test any relationship...if you wanna know if you have a good one, hit the road for a while with your girlfriend or boyfriend. You'll find out if you're meant for each other real quick!! LOL.

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