Truckers wife to be in New Zealand.

by Michelle
(New Zealand)

I've been with my gorgeous trucker for a little over 2 years now and to be honest, I think that it's taken that long for the realness of this life to sink in! Lol.

I love my man and I found it hard when we first got together not fully understanding the impact that his Linehaul job would have.

I found myself always bouncing.... between being over the moon that he was in town and could spend time together and the horrible feelings which felt like being let down but I wasn't, it was his job. Away most nights of the week I had to learn to deal with it.

I was already a strong independent women so that wasn't a problem, it was the never knowing if he was coming home each night. Even today I ring him from the supermarket to find out where he is and if he'll be home that night or not.
Sometimes things would happen that would try and break me down, and to not have him there was hard when you just needed his arms arms around you saying "it's ok baby". We ( my kids, his kids and I ) started to learn over the 2yrs that we couldn't really plan anything and if we did we'd just have to hope for the best.

We learnt that even tho he said he'd help do the garden, that he'd be too tired. I learnt that'd he'd ring me as many times a day as he could without being annoying just to hear my voice and tell me that he loves me. I learnt that he'd buy me things that I thought were too much, because he thought I deserved more.

I also learnt that he was always tired but would go out and do things with us anyway because he loves his family. I learnt that he'd always want to have the passenger seat when he wasn't working. For all that I don't blame him. He does such long hours alone and has lost so many family times that it's enough to break your heart.

We've all been in the truck with him on trips and he loves the company when we can. I love going in the truck, she's part of the family.

Even tho I know that this is how life is with us, you still have times when your tired too. Times when you wish he was home to help you. Times when you just want to have him next to you in bed. But for all the downs there are up's.

I came to realise that it's quite healthy for us because we both get to have our own space as our own person and our time when we are together. It gives us the time to miss each other, which for us makes our connection stronger.

It helps me to stay a strong independent women with a dash of omg my baby's home gush kinda thing. We don't take each other for granted because you never know what will happen each time he gets in that truck.
I love him, it can be hard but if he's the man who's meant to be yours you'll do it, you'll be there for him.
Because he deserves it.

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Aug 03, 2017
Thanks For Sharing Your Experience Michelle
by: Hervy

Good to hear from you chiming in from New Zealand. Thanks for sharing about trucking life as a trucker's wife there. Interesting to hear that things are common with US lifestyle!

Sounds like you have pretty good grasp on making it work. You both seem understanding and to have a good amount of insight to keep the relationship and strong.

Hope you continue to enjoy each other and the kids and trucking provides what you need.

Take care!

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