Truckers wife in need

by Denise
(Orlando Fl usa)

Hi I am a truckers wife and am very proud of my husband for his dedication and that he gave up his dream of owning his own truck to take care us me and our 5yr old child.

The problem is that we are having major problems. He has been working for someone that does no maintenance on his trucks and is broken down at least once a week for days and is costing us to get behind. I have an electric bill due of 325. by July 8th and rent do of 750. and don't know how to do it.

Unfortunately we cannot continue like this. I support him but what do I do here when they disconnect our light or give us eviction notice. Unfortunately, I don't work cause of illness after having my child. Still fighting SSI.

I am desperately trying to bring some relief to my husband for our family. I have set up a paypal for whoever can afford to give a little help. May God pay you forward.

Response: Sorry to hear about all that misfortune Denise. I know it serves as no comfort to you, but there are many in similar circumstances but at least in your case there is a job involved.

Why don't your husband leave that sorry company ASAP?

As far as today's situation though, here are some leads for assistance in various ways

a website that where you can set up a personal donations page with social network capabilities.

Here is some local organizations in your area that might help you
with bills, money, food

You can also google this term for more leads.
"emergency assistance programs Orlando Florida"

I am sure things will get better as long as you both keep on reaching out and making connections.
I think the Salvation Army also has emergency assistance programs.

Best of luck

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Oct 02, 2012
you are clueless feel your pain!! NEW
by: Anonymous

If this is what you are doing that is YOUR problem, no one really cares if you work for no pay or choose to wait to be paid the way you are and then complain about it to boot......just sounds strange you make the choice to do this, but then you want people to feel sorry for "your bad choices" is just plain ridiculous!!!

Since the person in the original post wanted people to feel sorry for her, and her way out of making her OWN bad choices is to beg for money on this site.....

So my recommendations since you both are in the same situation then you both can help each other out, by lending each other money when you are both in need??? That's the only suggestion I can give to you two dummies!!!

I do know what I am talking about on this one!! lol!!

Oct 01, 2012
i feel your pain NEW
by: Anonymous

The person that posted before has no clue what it is for their husband to be stuck with a company they cant get out of. My husband works for a company that is the same exact way and their some weeks he wont even get a check because he chose to come home for a couple days because he misses us.He cant leave because he has to pay thm back for sending him to school. I hope you get the help you need i would help but like i said we are struggling to with a three yr old at home. Oh by the way does he work for USA truck?

Jun 29, 2012
He can send you the money?? NEW
by: Anonymous

Is it that he has no money or is it he can not get the money to you?

In the case that it may be that he is stuck and unable to get the money to you,he can wire you money. Most truck stop that serve trucker drivers fuel has a check system that the company uses in order to purchase fuel in the way of what is called a T-check. Sometimes drivers are given cash vs using the check system for fuel. At any rate this same check system can also be used to send you money to pay your bills.

Now if you are saying that he has no money due to the risky business he is working for, and well if he is allowing this to happen by continuing to do business with these people and now is basically working for free, that is truly his own problem. Really who would continue to be used like that and not have enough money saved for the small amount of rent and bills you have stated in your post that you need?

This in itself makes no sense to me. Which will also make no sense to most truck drivers and I am sure they know exactly what is going on here!

So anyone who would actually believe he has no money to pay rent but continues to work for company that doesn't pay him money for work is probably nil. I would not send you anything for the simple fact I would be enabling you from getting on your own feet and geting away from an idiot who can't even pay his rent and bills and works for no pay!!

It is just ridiculous, this story just all sounds far fetched sorry!!

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