Trucker's wife and best friend

by Birdman's loving wife

My husband has been driving a truck for over 16 years. At first he was driving for an oilfield company, so he was home several nights a week.

We have been married 10 months, and since he changed jobs a few months ago, he is hardly ever home.

He leaves on Sunday, most of the time, and usually makes it home on Friday night. We spend Saturday getting him restocked on groceries for the truck, washing his clothes, and making sure he has everything he needs for the upcoming week.

We cherish the time we have together when he is home. I call him on my breaks at work to check on him, and if possible we talk all afternoon when I get off work. After taking care of the kids and housework everyday, it is nice to sit and chat with him until we fall asleep.

Sometimes we will both sleep for an hour or so, but we are still on the phone. It's just the fact that we feel closer to each other. He can't go to sleep unless he is on the phone with me. And to be honest, I can't either. It's a bond that we have, and we hold on to the fact that we know we are gonna see each other in a few days.

We are best friends, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

There are a lot of things that happen on the road, that upsets him, whether it's with traffic, loading docks, or dispatchers. I have to put my feelings aside, so that I can listen and let him vent sometimes.

It's hard to put yourself in their shoes. They live in a truck, eat in truckstops, take showers in places that they have no idea who has been in there, and lots of other things I could name.

The things we take for granted are things that truckers can only wish for. Like, walking to the fridge and deciding what you want to eat. Or, sitting on the porch watching the kids play and laughing and talking together. It is just as hard on them as it is on us.

We just have to be supportive and let them know we love them with all our heart, and we will be right there when they get back.

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