Trucker's Life by a wife

I want to put a stop to the people that think just because he's a trucker he's a cheater because that's not true.

My man is thoughtful, respectful and loving he would never cheat. Every time you get in a traffic jam or have to travel somewhere far through bad weather just think of the truck drivers who do it daily.

I know the job is stressful and long hours. When we talk I always keep it pleasant and try to keep his time away from not having to worry about the homefront. When he's home I treat him like a king. It's a tough job and I worry about him but I just hope and pray he's safe.

I have no problem being home alone I'm used to it and the welcome home is great. One word for anyone in any relationship is Trust if you can't trust each other you have nothing no matter what he does for a living.

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Apr 05, 2012
bologna NEW
by: Anonymous

all this bologna cracks me up!

Mar 01, 2012
thanks NEW
by: meli

Thank you for your comment! After reading what said it made me realize my hubby works in hard conditions. But I'm so hard trying not to feel thoes stupid feeling about him cheating. I'm 29 he's 41 we have two babies! And I read lots of woman saying truck drivers cheat. We do have problems but who's perfect. I'm praying tonight he always for him to be honest and good to me.

Jan 24, 2012
yay! NEW
by: Jessica

Yes, I agree. I am into week 2 with my trucker and couldn't be more encouraged! :) I'm really trying to learn to not be too clingy. Thanks for the advice.

Feb 15, 2011
I agree 1000 %
by: Vanessa Mason

There are many truck drivers out there who are very faithful to their wives/husbands and families, if you've never had any reason to doubt them, don't start now, just because of the bad stuff you read about someone else. Stand tall right beside them (especially if your not together at the moment), and PROUDLY announce your love and respect for them, you know in their hearts they are doing the same for you at home. Sincerely Vanessa Mason- PROUD WIFE...

Dec 18, 2010
Bravo. Good news
by: Hervy

Hi, glad things are working out for you and hubby.

Always good to hear these positive stories because the negative ones seems to surface much more easier.
I know they need to come to light too but without the balance then it would predispose new comers to faulty thinking for the reason that you mentioned.

People too often assume that all truckers are cheaters and the negative stories could make the wrong woman with a good man doubt her man and act accordingly.

Please keep spreading the work about your good man and the relationship so that other relationships where there are two good people involved will have that much more encouragement and faith in knowing that trucking doesn't automatically mean relationship disaster.

I wish you continued happiness.


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