Truckers girlfriend


To all the woman out there this isn’t a very easy task. I am with my bf for 3 months now and this is a killer to me. I only see him one to two days in the week and if i am lucky he will be with me for the weekend. all that keeps me going is to be on mxit with him when i get a chance but then on mxit you cant talk about everything because most of the time he understand it wrong and then we start to fight.

As it is truckers do use ugly words all day and sometime he will use them on me, but then i ignore him for a while which hurts me a lot but ladies its tough if you can turn around and walk away do it./.....for me its too late...i love him with my whole heart...he is a wonderful person but very jealous.

When they are next to the road waiting for the next load they tend to visit a pub/bar.or have a braai or potjie with their friend they forget about you.

My biggest fear is ....does he cheat on will you know?

Those of you that love your trucker, good luck and it takes balls to be involved in a trucker.


Response: Bella thanks for sharing that story with us. Being a trucker's wife sounds like a huge challenge.

Sound you two might benefit from a coach or counselor. Time for some serious conversation with him seems to me.

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