truckers fiance on the lifestyle

by angel bragg

I am soon to be a truckers wife.I show support to my trucker as much as i can. I wasn't sure what i was getting into when i got with him but i have come to learn what its like to be with a trucker.

I learned real quick that i need to show him support. It hurts me every time i see him climb in to his rig and drive away all i want to do is cry.But i know that when he comes home he's coming home to me. My life has changed so much since i have gotten with him.

Right now as i am typing this i have tears rolling down my face as i know he's heading out at 4 am. I worry so much when hes out on the highways. I talk to him when he can which makes my day better. We stay in contact. He lets me know where he is and where his next load is. Its just so hard not having him home.

We have between the 2 of us 8 kids. I love and adore his kids as he does mine. I couldn't ask for a better guy. He has shown me so much love. I love him dearly and will always support him.

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