Truckers chose to escape responsibility of life and they want the secret life

I have been 30 years he has been gone 30 years and future he will b gone for another 30 years. I get Saturday's with him sometimes all day in silence and others I get sex time. He likes that he has to only take care of himself. I'm the responsible one he's the the one that loves no boundaries but I can't do anything he does he will leave me..

He says he loves me but his actions says I'm holding him back. He has done a lot of hurtful things to me immoral things and women but me I'm his bitch and his words lets fuck. He comes in on Saturday turns on tv screaming loud and nothing but Horror shows and tells the boys shut up and go to your room as for me get clothes washed get food for the week and sit beside him in silence while he plays on his phone and he don't even watch the tv.

Some Saturday's he stays gone with buddies or invites them over without me knowing an stays in the shed. I would work and come home and have a houseful of strangers in my house the whole time he is home and I suppose to cook and clean for them and he wouldn't let me know what his plans were.

I asked him the other day what r your future plans for us. Keep driving the truck and till I he dies. My hope was he would wanted was trying to get home more and start spending more time together that we have lacked over the years.

My heart broke I'm still not in his future so I quess I am suppose to be alone and see him 1 day a week and say I'm happily married. Lonely hurt and no future with him. He gives me money to buy things to go away. All he wants is to grope me all day and b silent.

If a friend calls he is out of here. I ask him for help he replies do what u want. He has been with 2 places I wanted to go mall once and church once. He just found out the 25 years I worked he thought I was a receptionist his buddy had to tell him that I was an office manager and his mouth drop. What a life.

My future plans is not to be alone and start enjoying life with someone that loves and respects me not to b his servant.

I'm hurt deeply!

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Feb 28, 2016
I had to read your post twice to make sense of it NEW
by: Anonymous

For someone who is an office manager, I am really surprised at your grammar! You need to use punctuation more & if I was you, I would leave him! No wonder he does what he does, because he knows you put up with it! Good luck & I sure hope you do not write & communicate like this with your job because like I said your grammar & punctuation skills are lacking for an office manager!

Feb 18, 2016
No boundaries
by: Hervy

Hate that you are facing this type of treatment. It is a shame.

You said yourself that he has no boundaries. If you are able to see that he has no boundaries, then you have to set boundaries.

A person like that will treat you how you will allow him (or her) to treat you. So it is your responsibility in this situation to love yourself enough to say that you deserve not to be treated that way and stand up for yourself.

Think about it like you would in the office. If you had a boss who was inappropriate in the office, he wouldn't be likely to change the way he treated you without you standing up to him. Now he might get rid of you if you do stand up but you have to weigh the options. Is your job worth staying in misery deteriorating your health?
Maybe or maybe not? Is there a way to deal with it and have a chance of keeping the job? Maybe or maybe not. That is something only you would know.

Or you can do nothing and look forward to more of the same.

Unfortunate but true. You have to decide what action to take but you have to take some type of action. Not just allow it to continue.

You mentioned church. Is there a counseling service there with level headed critical thinkers and also unbiased to hear the entire story? That would be good.

Better if both of you could go but it doesn't look like that will work. So you alone to get some fresh feedback. Will help you be firm in your decision about what to do about it.

If he is physically abusive that is another whole issue. Next time get him locked up and force him to get counseling. Apparently he doesn't care about his behavior or is not consciously aware of his behavior. Intervention would help you improve your life and probably help him with his as well if he is not aware. If he is aware then....well should he continue to get away with it?

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