Truckers Boyfriend

by Tommo
(Leeds, UK)

Well i'm not a wife, or a woman, i'm a man and so is my partner (the trucker), but i think it would be a testament to the evolved trucking community and a stand against those who see the stereotypical trucker as racist, homophobic and shallow minded (which is not true) if this website was to publish my story and not ignore my opinion because of my sexuality.

My boyfriend is a trucker and reading some of the stories on this site i feel lucky - he is away only on weekdays and on rare occasions works on Saturdays but i still miss him like crazy! I would say him being away 5 days a week makes it all the more exciting when we have our weekends together but i can't say they wouldn't be just as exciting if he was with me every day!

I never feel like he has forgotten about me however, and if you are a trucker reading this maybe you should make sure your partner feels the same- he calls me multiple times per day to see how i am and to moan about the office sending him here and there, then telling him it was a mistake so to go back instead - i never really understand but it's nice to be able to brighten his day if he is feeling down and to let him vent off so he can relax.

I got to ride out with him for a week once, i must say it was incredibly enjoyable and informative week to spend with him - i would really recommend anyone who can to take this opportunity with your partner.

Not only did i get to be with him and see how he did his job, but i also got a better understanding and appreication for the effort he puts into his work each day and i now understand more of what he tells me on the phone!

His colleagues who didn't know he was gay, i assume due to his very masculine/muscular appearance, where really cool with it, they poke fun at him but i know he doesn't mind and it isn't in a malicious way. I must say i was surprised that they were all so accepting, and at the same time i was relived and happy that my partner was accepted by his work colleagues for who he was!

Hopefully, my story has given insight into a slightly different version of the trucker/wife combination but i just wanted to report in that our relationship is going strong as ever thanks to lots of communication and spending every second we can together doing the things we both enjoy!

Thanks :)

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Oct 27, 2010
by: Angela

hey i just want to tell you thank you for your story...and im so happy that you two are so happy together!...i agree with the other stories that you are lucky to have him home husband used to go OTR sometimes still does, but he does have about a 3 hour commute to the yard and then is back most sundays it does make a relationship grow stronger and both appreciate the time you guys do spend together...i know we do! thanks again hun!

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