Truckers boss is a Scumbag

by K.L.

I've been engaged to a long haul Truck Driver for less than a year though we've been together a year and a half. He did not want to go back out and tried to find local work but no one would hire locally without a lot of experience....

Now he is gone for 3 weeks and home one, but last time right after he got home his boss who owns the truck in another state (my fiance drives team) sent him a text message saying "haven't heard from you so thought you were caught up in getting Backpage Pussy" (backpage escort website)

I was shocked to say the least! He lets me see his text message alerts sometimes so I just happened to glance and see this one and then read it, so I sneaked and texted his boss back and said "I don't need Backpage pussy because I have a beautiful woman at home" and his boss replied "LOL, Remember the rules of the road" !

Then I asked my fiance what "rules of the road" meant and he reluctantly admitted that it means anything goes out on the road.

My fiance told me he would never cheat on me out on the road because it would destroy him and he seemed sincere. I asked him if his boss was actually encouraging him to cheat and he says no. But I can't help but think otherwise , his boss is the one who told him about this backpage escort site where escort hookups can be found in every city plus personal ads and he admitted to looking at it but promised me he won't anymore.

I wish I could give that boss a piece of my mind or report him to higher ups for acting so unprofessionally but my fiance really needs this job right now and plus he would probably break up with me if I reported this man.

His boss owns 4 or 5 trucks that he has drivers for with a very well known delivery chain that I won't say on here. And here he is encouraging my man to look at escort sites and teasing him that he is "getting Pussy" knowing that my man has a woman at home!!

Am I the only one who thinks this is very unprofessional and very disrespectful to our relationship?

I wish there was something I could do but it seems there is nothing I can do but let it go, this is rough.

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Jun 14, 2015
K.L Florida NEW
by: Anonymous

Yes that is the rules of the road however lf you have trust issuse right now either get to the bottom of it or let it Go. I been with my Driver for 20+ years. Now let me say from experiance I have been hit upon Many times when he was away from home. Its flattering and I know he has been hit on out there but if there is no reactions to the actions it is harmless. Men need to be respected and trusted if they loose that with in their parnter they feel it and will find it elesewhere. Not all drivers are cheaters. If you are concerned with Back Page there is programs out there you can put on the cell phone and lap top Google "Key stroke". If you are that concerned. Me personally I haven't used it I knew someone that did and she found out what she needed to know. And it's not detectable on either device. GOOD LUCK.

Jun 04, 2015
It is really a shame NEW
by: K.L.

Thanks for sharing what you're going through.....its a shame that so many relationships get ruined like this - truckers make such good money most of the time and these floozies know it and tempt the heck out of them. There is no excuse to cheat, why not be upfront and tell your woman you need out and want to play the field. Why not just be honest - I do believe if your partner is cheating its only a matter of time before it is found out.

Jun 03, 2015
Listen up! NEW
by: Anonymous

When the cat is away, the mouse will play! Just because he has you at home does not mean he is faithful out on that road! OTR trucking changes a man & I have been told by everyone I come into contact with when they ask me what does your husband do & when I tell them he is an OTR truck driver long haul, I ALWAYS get the same response from everyone individually by looking at me & saying "oh girl, do I feel sorry for you, do not have sex with him when he comes home unless you wear a condom & that I am only a sexual outlet for him when he comes home, it is lonely out there so yes he is screwing around on you" & I will have to say that my husband has changed since he has been out on the road & calling your fiance's boss a scumbag, no honey, his boss is telling it straight up! My father is a retired state trooper that worked at weigh stations & trust me my father ran into a lot of married truckers that had loosey goosey's on the trucks with these married truckers & when my father asked the truckers if that was their wife, the trucker would say to my father, "no sir, I am married but this is my escort, it gets lonely out here, but whatever you do, please don't call my wife" & my father just shook his head & thought what scumbags are on these trucks. I am not saying every trucker cheats, but trust me my father ran into at least 90% married men all with women on their trucks that were not married to these truckers! Just food for thought! So I finally am making my parents & friends happy after them constantly badgering me to leave mine & shortly I will be free of mine & in the future I will NEVER get myself involved with an OTR long haul truck driver! Well mine became one after we were married after losing his job & the job search was poor & a frind advised him why don't you go do OTR trucking, you don't have anyone over your shoulder to watch you. That is why they are so free out there to do what they want because who will catch them! And by the way does it bother me to be rid of mine, NO WAY, because everyone tells me I would be better off without him & lately when he does leave for the road, I really don't miss him, I shut off both FaceTime & Skype & I make sure the personal phone calls are far & few in between & at work since my secretary screens all my calls before she dispatches them through to me, she knows if it is him & he is not dying or in the hospital, she tells him I am in a meeting, this advice came handed down from my father & I am doing well by his instructions. I wish you well but remember your fiance's boss is not a scumbag & if you see some of the stories on here, you will see the majority of wives or girlfriends posting they found condoms in the truck, they are having problems with their guy, etc etc etc. I am just glad I am finally getting out & ending it all & when he comes off the road for hometime next, he will be coming home to an empty shell of a place because I have already had the landlord put the place in his name & I will spend my money on my own place. Hope he has fun trying to afford the place I used to reside with him because with his pay check, I still contributed 95% of my pay, he will never be able to afford this place on his own because he does not know how to handle his money, he blows it on anything & anything & he is constantly drawing advances which is a red sign!

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