Trucker Training

by Christine

I am a wife of a man that traveled for his previous job. He would be gone for 2wks to 30 days from mid Jan. to the end of May with 2 months off. then the same from August till Thanksgiving then off for 2 months again.

Due to some serious circumstance that affected him and many of his co workers he decided to change jobs. This school and training phase has sucked ass in more ways than 1. He was gone from Nov. 11th until Dec 23 then I had surgery and he came home for 13 days then left again to finish training on January 8 or 10 cannot seem to remember.

All days have just kinda blurred since Dec. We have 3 kids 1 being a 1 yr old. It is now March 11th and I am going nuts he is still on the road training and I am so mad I cry most nights and just want him home for at least 3 or 4 days.

I won't see him until March 21st and I can't wait. I have been really irritable and angry a lot the last few weeks tired of being alone. We have a great Marriage on all other accounts I am just having a very hard time adjusting to this training phase and am kind of warn out dealing with everything at home for the moment.

I know this training will not last forever and I know hopefully soon We will get on a routine that is similar to his last Job where we all got to see him at least once a month for a few days.

Been staying busy fixing things in house but doing all of this doesn't make me feel any better when he is at his trainers house having a BBQ when I wish he was here because the truck needed to be fixed for something and we cannot drive to seen because of the distance. This has been a big test on our marriage and I have done my best to be supportive on this journey because I am proud of him being motivated to make a better decision for our family to get a job that is not a life threatening as his last one and not to just lay around and wait for something better.

I understand why he is doing and I am grateful for him on many was and have pushed him to stop being down on himself when he makes a mistake during his training, it just seems to be taking so long for him to get trained and it is stressing our life out just a bit. The kids miss him so much and it is hard and I have done my best to console them. I even took them out of school 1 day last week because he was passing through our area and we went to have breakfast with him which was awesome.

All of us can't wait until he gets his own truck we all want to with him for spring break. 5 people in a truck 3 kids and 2 adult boy that will be a ride to remember lol. Just wanted to vent.

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